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Microsoft releases emergency fix for Windows 11 Start menu

Microsoft has fixed an issue that was causing the Start menu to malfunction on some Windows 11 systems after installing the latest updates. This issue only affects devices running Windows 11 version 21H2.

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“A small number of devices are unable to open the Start menu after installing updates released on or after June 23, 2022,” the company explained in a recent update to the Windows Health Dashboard. They noted that the problem was observed after installing KB5014668 or later updates.

Microsoft addressed this issue using Known Issue Rollback (KIR), a Windows feature that helps undo non-security OS patches.

Once submitted via KIR, a patch is typically deployed to all consumer and business devices within a day. Customers can also speed up deployment by restarting affected Windows devices.

Administrators must install and configure specific KIR group policy associated with the version of Windows in order to resolve the issue on affected enterprise managed devices.

“Special Group Policy can be found under Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Rollback Known Issue KB5014668 220721_04201 -> Windows 11 (Original Release),” Microsoft added.

If Group Policies are configured, you must navigate to Local Computer Policy or Domain Policy on a domain controller using the Group Policy Editor, and then select the target version of Windows. Detailed information on how to deploy and configure KIR Group Policies is available on the Microsoft support site.

The company previously warned that optional pre-release Windows updates would roll back resolution of Windows Server printing issues on incompatible devices, which could lead to broken printing systems.

The corresponding update was released in July 2021. It addressed an issue where printing and scanning would fail in several versions of Windows Server on Windows Domain Controllers (DCs). The issue affected printers, scanners, and all-in-ones that are not compliant with CVE-2021-33764 security changes and use Smart Card Authentication (PIV).

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