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How to learn CSS

Have you ever wondered how your favorite websites are designed? Behind the design of every website there is a blueprint for the design. There is also the CSS code which brings a project to term.

Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS, is a programming language used by developers to define the aesthetics of a website. While HTML allows you to define the structure of a site, CSS allows you to determine how characteristics appear on a site.

HTML and CSS work together. When you see a title that uses a new font on a website, HTML will be used to define the title. Then the CSS will be used to define the font for the title. Consider a paragraph of text. HTML will be used to define the text. CSS styles will be used to change the color of the text.

This guide will show you the best way to learn CSS online. We will provide you with a series of clear steps you can take to help you start your CSS learning journey quickly and effectively.

What is CSS?

CSS define how an element should look on a web page. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. The styles can be applied to the CSS using an HTML document or in a separate style sheet.

Using CSS, developers write style rules , which tell a website what a certain HTML element should look like on a website. For example, a style rule can define the height and width of an image on a web page. One other can set the size of text on a Web page.

The CSS language offers a wide range of properties, which are used for different style elements on a web page. These properties relate to an element’s size, color, borders, where it appears on the web page, and more. Here are a few different rules you may encounter in CSS:

  • font size sets the size of text on a web page
  • color sets the color of the text. a web page ..
  • height defines the height of an element on a web page.

Each CSS property is assigned a value that tells the browser how a certain element should appear. For example, CSS could be used to tell the browser to do all blue text

When you learn the basics of CSS properties, you can use the basics you learned to build the intricate designs and complex.

Why learn CSS?

First of all, learning to program in CSS gives you the opportunity to create your own website designs. The CSS knowledge will allow you to create a portfolio, for example, without relying on models of action. You can create something that is unique to you.

And we haven’t even discussed the career benefits of learning to CSS code. There is no shortage of employers actively looking for people who can code CSS.

As talented CSS developers are in demand, the salaries are also high. At the time of writing, glassdoor reports that the average salary for a web designer is $ 52691 -an impressive sum!

How long does it take to learn CSS?

Before learning CSS, we recommend that you take a few weeks to practice HTML. It will not take long for him to master it and you will arrive with a solid foundation in the world of programming. HTML can help you familiarize yourself with basic syntax , which will be useful when learning CSS.

Once you understand HTML and have your static sites built, you are ready to begin. Learn CSS. Like the language mentioned above, learning the functional basics of CSS can take less than a month. However, CSS takes longer to master and we recommend that you practice two to four hours a day.

Is it difficult to learn CSS?

CSS is an easy to learn programming language at a basic level . CSS technology was designed to be accessible so that anyone can create their own stylish web pages on the Internet.

Much of the syntax you see in CSS will be very familiar when you learn basic CSS concepts . HTML.

For example, you can change various attributes such as height and width of a specific image in your HTML file. However, what if you want to apply to all the images on your page? This is where CSS comes in .

Remember , CSS interacts with HTML elements in the same way as attributes in element tags in an HTML file. However, you can touch multiple elements at once by blocks of code in rules called CSS. If you are comfortable with styling all of your fonts, colors, and images in HTML, you will have no problem working with CSS. You will also find it easier once you get the hang of it.

How To Learn CSS For Free

So far we’ve spent a little time considering the background of CSS and the benefits of knowing how to code by using CSS. But now we have to answer the question: How can you learn to code in CSS

There are thousands of resources online that can help you teach CSS programming. It can be difficult to know where to start. Let ’s look at some of the main steps you need to take to quickly start your journey to learning CSS

Step 1: Master the Basics

To learn CSS, you need to master the basics first. Of course, you might be tempted to start researching how to create complex website designs. Without a good understanding of the fundamentals, you will have a hard time understanding more advanced concepts when they appear in your code.

The first step on your journey to learning CSS should be to invest time in research and development. Practice the basics. This will involve learning the syntax, which are the general rules to follow when writing your CSS code, selectors, box template, and more.

To help you get started, here is a list of the main topics you should know:

CSS syntax and selectors

First of all, you should know the syntax of CSS. These are the basic rules that govern all the styles you will write when using the CSS programming language. When you are starting out, you will also need to know where and how to write CSS rules.

Then you can explore CSS classes and selectors. Selectors are used to direct your code to which elements on a web page should be styled using the rules you wrote. Here are some of the topics you should cover when it comes to CSS syntax and selectors:

the box model

As mentioned above, HTML is used to define the structure of a web page. However, HTML uses a set of predefined values ‚Äã‚Äãto create the structure of a site. If you want to customize the appearance of the elements, you need to use the CSS box template

The box template is a set of properties that define which parts of an element take up space on a web page. The box model defines the borders, boundaries and spaces inside and outside of an element

These are the main elements of the box model you will need to learn.

display element

HTML displays elements from left to right and top to bottom. But you might want the items to appear positioned a certain way. For example, you might want to display a box in the lower left corner of your web page.

is where item display comes in . The principles of item display tell the browser where to display a particular item on the web page. Here are the main topics you need to know in this field:

Colors and Fonts

Colors and fonts are two ways in which you can make a site more aesthetically pleasing. They are considered essential in many website style guides.

CSS offers a number of properties that you can use to control the color of elements on a web page and how text appears. Here are some of the topics you should know when it comes to CSS colors and fonts:


Grids allow developers to easily and efficiently place elements on a page Web. CSS grid layout uses columns and rows to allow developers to design a web page without using floats and positioning

These are the main topics you want to cover in mastering networks CSS:.

You can also spend some time learning about FlexBox. FlexBox is another technology used to position elements on a web page.

The best way to learn CSS online

Now you know what you need to know to program in CSS, you might be wondering: Where can I learn more on these subjects? Because CSS is such an important tool in web development, there are thousands of resources that you can use.

The resources you use will depend on your learning style. So before you start looking for resources, ask yourself: How do you learn best? Do you prefer tutorials? Or are online courses faster?

You can also try a few different formats to see which works best. So once you have found one you can focus your attention on the resources that use the learning format you are more comfortable with.

For most beginners, tutorials and interactive lessons are the best because they allow you to build something while learning. This is especially important in CSS because language is all about visuals and styles.

CSS online course

learn CSS with Codecademy

Over 490,000 people have signed up to this course to learn CSS. In this 20 hour course, you will learn about selectors, box design, colors, typography and more

introduction to HTML / CSS by Khan Academy < / h4>

This free course is a great introduction to HTML and CSS. You will start by learning the structure of a web page. Then you will cover topics such as using CSS styling for a text and CSS properties page . Towards the end of the course, you will talk about Layout and Advanced CSS Selectors.

introduction to HTML and CSS by Udacity

This aUTORYTHM is ideal for anyone who wants to learn the basics of HTML and CSS. You will cover topics such as the structure of an HTML document, CSS syntax, whether readers, and how to use browser developer tools.

CSS Books Online

HTML and CSS: Website Design and Creation by Jon Duckett

This book is a comprehensive introduction to building websites with HTML and CSS. You will learn the basics of these technologies and how they work together. This book includes a variety of examples and graphics to help you visualize the topics you are learning

Learning Web design by Jennifer Niederst Robbins

This book begins with a square. It is good read for anyone new to web development. You start by creating basic HTML pages . Then you will continue to discuss how to use CSS for colors, layout text formatting and setting page. Towards the end of the book, you will cover other topics relevant to web development such as what JavaScript is and how you can use it on your sites

CSS: The Definitive Guide by Eric Meyer and Estelle Weyl

This book is what it says on the cover: it’s a complete guide to CSS. This book, unlike many others, focuses only on CSS. You will learn the CSS colors, values, selectors, the layout page of the box and

CSS Resources Online

Learn how to create HTML styling using Mozilla CSS

Mozilla, the creators of the Mozilla web browser,a complete tutorial on how to add CSS to web pages. This online tutorial covers basic CSS syntax , the building blocks of CSS, how to style your text and layout.


CodePen is an online learning playground for web development. This tool makes it easy to experiment with creative web designs. You will find thousands of styles written by beginners and experienced developers that you can see for inspiration.

Karma Career CSS Tutorial

Python.Engineering has dozens of CSS tutorials online. Each tutorial comes with code snippets to help you master a topic along with explanations of those code snippets. Our library covers everything from selectors to inline styles .

These free web development courses to learn the skills you need to get started with HTML and CSS. But don’t let this list limit you. You can learn HTML and CSS and front end web development from a number of other places. You will find thousands of resources online.

Learn CSS Online With Tutorials

There are several publications that offer excellent CSS tutorials. W3Schools and Mozilla Developer Network are useful for programming language learning concepts. These resources provide standard online tutorials as well as exercises on each of the concepts.

The above resources are suitable when you want to study concepts and understand why they are needed for coding. Once you have that understanding, it’s time to put your mind to work to see how much you’ve learned. There are many resources available to help you on the go, such as Grasshopper , SoloLearn and Codecademy. They have apps that you can download and use while continuing your studies.

In addition, websites such as freeCodeCamp , The Odin and Khan Project Academy offer free comprehensive courses focused on the CSS teaching. In addition to these courses, there are projects to help you learn as you study the concepts.

Following the tutorials is a great way to learn HTML. You will learn development by doing HTML instead of just reading. Hands-on learning is the key in front-end web development because of the degree of creativity involved.

Create a Project

Projects are a great way to put learned theory into practice and work on something that interests you fully. Exactly. When choosing a working project, you no longer have to build what tutorial tells you to build.

Working on your project also gives you the opportunity to take some creative freedom in your work. Since CSS is a very visual language, any design you create can easily be created by you. You can choose your own fonts or font colors and customize a site as much as you want.

What should I build? This is a common question for all beginners. In truth, there is no right answer: you can build anything you want

When you start, however, it is best to start small and then work your way up to more elaborate designs. Make sure the project you choose to build is something you find interesting. If you’ve chosen an interesting and stuck project, you’ll have no problem finding the motivation you need to complete your job.

To help you decide what to build, here are some ideas:.


Don’t let this list limit your options. If you have another idea, go ahead and make it happen !

Experiment with new styles

There are so many CSS features to explore ! Therefore, even after you have designed a website, there are still plenty of ways to hone your skills.

A good way to practice your skills is to create the same site using different styles. Try to see what a website looks like with different sized fonts. Try to use different colors for certain paragraphs of text on a web page. Find out what happens when you change the size of an image.

These changes will help you refine your sense of design. At the same time, you will be able to experiment with new CSS concepts and properties.

The beauty of CSS is in its creativity. One social network site will never be the same as another because there are too many ways you can personalize a site. How a site looks really is up to you - you are the creative director when coding in CSS !

Main browser support

Browsers don’t always see a stylesheet the same way, unfortunately. This is because browsers have changed so much over the years that some have not been able to keep up with the changes. Older versions of Internet Explorer may not be able to view a site the same way as the latest version of Chrome.

You should start looking for ways to create sites that work on multiple browsers. All of the best websites work regardless of the browser you use (within reason). Knowing how to write CSS code that adapts to any number of browsers is a great skill.

To master browser support, check out the following resources:

Join a community of developers

When learning to code, you may be tempted to "code yourself". This means that you will be spending your time coding, but you might not be sharing your work with others. This is a common mistake made by beginners.

There are hundreds of thousands of people who know how to code in CSS. Web programmers often join developer communities, which bring together novice and expert programmers.

Communities are a great place to meet new developers who you can chat with. They offer you a place where you can ask for feedback and get some help.

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