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Leak: The design of the new 10th generation iPad

MySmartPrice has published CAD renderings of the unannounced 10th generation iPad. It is expected that the tablet will show this fall. Perhaps at the presentation of the iPhone 14.

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The renders show that the iPad will receive a serious redesign: the edges will become flat, and slots for stereo speakers will appear on the top and bottom edges. On the front, there will be a slightly enlarged display and a physical home key with a Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

Earlier it was reported that the tablet will receive a USB-C connector for charging. It is impossible to determine the connector from CAD renders, so one can only hope for an update.

Insiders also reported that the basic version will receive support for fifth-generation networks. This will be possible thanks to the Apple A14 chip.

The tablet will be almost identical to the fourth generation iPad Air, but without Touch ID in the power button and with a smaller diagonal display. And if the price for the base version stays the same ($329 before tax), the tablet could become very popular.

User reviews


I don’t know what the home button is in the latest iPads, but if the new one does not have this button, as in 8/8+, then it will be strange


They took it and ruined it. The camera sticks out, the edges are sharp.

Latest cool mini5 and ipad9. The cameras do not stick out, the cover only covers the screen.

I constantly use them without a case, but I take a case if I'm hiking or traveling. Or a stand case.

And all the new iPads - you put on a cover and you get such a fat sandwich, but there is no choice - the camera sticks out. And minik6 is not very convenient to hold with one hand because of the edges. Minik5 was a real ideal in terms of ergonomics.

And these ugly facets were made to iPhones from the 12th. Okay 12mini and 13mini - not noticeable. But 12 and 13 missed - it became terrible to keep without covers

Author: Michael Zippo
[email protected]


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