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Laravel | Route :: resource versus Route :: controller

Route::resource:the Route::resourcemethod is a RESTful controller,which generates all the main routes required for the application, and can be easily handled using a controller class. It takes two arguments, where the first - this is the base URIof the incoming request (Uniform Resource Identifier),and the second is - class nameof the controller used to process the request. With this method we get the default route names and paths, with 7 different actions that are required for any application.Note:to get a list of created routes, we have to use the command "PHP artisan route: list" on the command line.Example :
  • routes.php
     Route::resource (’gfg’, ’GeeksforGeeksController’); 
  • Output:
Route::controller: the Route::controllermethod is a implicit controller,which also takes two arguments and is similar to the Route::resource,method, i.e. the first - this is the base URIof the incoming request (Uniform Resource Identifier) ​​ and the second is - nameof the controller class that is used to process the request. With this method, we have a little flexibility in how we define our route names. By default, route names are undefined as in the Route::resourcemethod.Note.To get a list of generated routes, you must use the PHP artisan route: list "on the command line.Example :
  • routes.php:
    Route::controller (’gfg’, ’GeeksforGeeksController’); 
  • GeeksforGeeksController.php:If no method is defined in the controller class file, we get the output as shown below:
    class GeeksforGeeksController extends Controller {// Handle request} 
  • Output:
  • GeeksforGeeksController.php:When we define the get method and post in the controller class file, we get the output as shown below.
    class GeeksforGeeksController extends Controller {public function getGeek() {// Handle get request} public function postGeek ($id) {// Handle post request}} 
  • Exit:
Before specifying any of the routes, you must create the controller class that you want to use in the route. You can do this with a simple artisan command called "PHP artisan make: controller GeeksforGeeksController",that is "PHP artisan make: controller". The Route: Controllermethod was supported prior to Laravel 5.1and is no longer supported by versions after that. So, in later versions of Laravel, we use the Route::resourcemethod.


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