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Kotlin and Android Development featuring Jetpack


Kotlin and Android Development featuring Jetpack Michael Fazio

Start building native Android apps the modern way in Kotlin with Jetpack’s extensive set of tools, libraries, and best practices. Learn how to build efficient and resilient views with Fragments and share data between views with ViewModels. Use Room to quickly persist valuable data and avoid NullPointerExceptions and verbose Java expressions with Kotlin.

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You can even handle asynchronous web service calls gracefully with Kotlin coroutines. Do all this and more by creating two complete apps, following detailed step-by-step instructions. With Kotlin and Jetpack, Android development is now smoother and more enjoyable than ever. Dive into it by developing two full Android apps.

With the first app, Penny Drop, you create a complete game with random dice rolls, customizable rules, and AI opponents. Create lightweight Fragment views with data binding, update data quickly and securely with ViewModel classes, and manage all application navigation in one place. Use Kotlin with Android-specific Kotlin extensions to write null-safe code efficiently without all the normal boilerplate required for pre-Jetpack + Kotlin apps. Persist and retrieve data as complete objects with the Room library, then display that data with ViewModels and list the records in a RecyclerView.
Next, you create the official app for Android Baseball League. It's a fake league but a real app, where you use what you learn in Penny Drop and build from there. Navigate anywhere in the app via a navigation drawer, including specific locations via Android app links. Handle asynchronous and web service calls with Kotlin Coroutines, display that data seamlessly with the paging library, and send notifications to a user's phone from your app.

Come build Android apps the modern way with Kotlin and Jetpack!

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