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Learning JavaScript in 3 Days ?? | Code With Me

Learning JavaScript in 3 Days ?? | Code With Me

- I got tired of seeing my exs name on my web browser.

So I decided to build a Chrome extension to block his name from ever appearing on any webpage.

But first, I had to learn JavaScript.

So I challenged myself to learn JavaScript in three days.

Heres how it went.

My goal for today is to learn the fundamentals and basic syntax in one day.

When youre learning a new language, you want to start with the fundamentals.

Having a high level understanding of what the languages is used for and a very basic understanding of the languages syntax.

So today is day one of learning how to program JavaScript in three days.

It is Friday.

It is 9:07 PM.

The streets are calling my name, but listen, this video is called my name harder.

I dont want to see that mans name anymore on my web browser.

So today were gonna learn JavaScript together in three days, and were gonna see how far we can go and if we can actually build a small project like that.

And I think this video is gonna be helpful for you to.

Not only will you learn how to build a very useful tool, maybe theres someones name you dont want to see anymore? But youll also just learn how to pick up a programming language kind of quickly.

Im gonna be honest with you.

I havent really touched JavaScript like ever.

I think I maybe learned it like 10 years ago for three weeks, but honestly I dont remember a think about JavaScript.

I dont know how to even initialize any variables.

So I dont know anything about JavaScript, but I do have some programming knowledge in like Python and Java, even though theyre totally different from JavaScript.

So kind of starting fresh.

Im gonna be using this book that I got online, and I chose this book because it had pretty high ratings.

So hopefully this book will help me out during this process.

And Im also gonna be learning from a video that I saw on YouTube, which is an introduction to JavaScript video.

Its about like an hour long.

I chose it because its probably the shortest video that seemed legit on YouTube to learn how to code or learn how to program in JavaScript.

So lets get to work.

(uptempo Latin music) So after three hours of working, I wouldnt call myself a pro, but I did have a basic understanding of JavaScript programming language or so I thought.

Okay, so its day two.

Today, it is about 6:00 PM, and so my goal today is to actually continue to learn JavaScript.

So yesterday I spent about like two or three hours kind of brushing through.

I finished the Mosh course and I also kind of went through a little bit of the book but I kinda, I dont know why, something about books sometimes Im just like, (sucks teeth) I dont wanna, I dont wanna look at this anymore, but I ended up going through the Mozilla JavaScript documentation to sort of pick up more about the language because the Mosh course was good, but I just felt like it didnt really go into depth for certain topics.

It was just very like, it was a good course, a good introduction.

And what can you expect from one hour? I was able to install JavaScript, install Node, and start sort of programming.

I was able to program Hello World.

I learned about constants, the syntax.

I learned about functions and just like objects.

And I also learned about like the primitive types, data types in Python, as well as the, what is it called? The other type of datatypes.

Is it abstract data types? But learned a little bit about the syntax for JavaScript, but I felt like I just didnt really get, like, I dont feel any way confident that Im even close to really understanding and to building the project that I want to build.

So for day two, my goal is to do tutorial Hell, yes.

(chuckles) So right now Im planning to just go through three different projects.

Im using people like Ania Kubow.

She has a lot of really cool JavaScript tutorials that Im just gonna kinda go through to learn more about JavaScript.

I know the way I learn is honestly by doing things and building projects.

I feel like its way more fun to learn that way.

Like I was reading the book, I was like taking the course, but I was kind of, honestly, I was getting a little bored.

I wanted to just get started creating.

And honestly, I think this is a good strategy because its so easy to get bored when youre taking course after course, its actually.

And I feel like even in a lot of courses, you will find them immediately getting you the practice by building.

So that is a tip.

But instead of just following the tutorial, you know, just listening to what theyre saying and just copying it, Im gonna try to be a little bit more of an active learner in this situation.

So instead of like, just following what the person has, Im gonna think about how I would do it if I was building this project.

So for example, Anias course, the JavaScript one, Im gonna kinda think about how would I make this if I was building my own project.

Like, what are the functions I would do? What are the ways I would do things? So Id really kind of think about how I would do it using some JavaScript.

So its a more active way.

Lets aim for like four or five hours to really solidify that JavaScript knowledge because honestly after day one, I feel like I understand the syntax a little bit, but I just feel like I cant make anything complicated and I dont think I can actually make the project I wanna do, but were gonna fix that.

Im gonna go ahead and do these different tutorials.

Im gonna do the connect four one.

God, its 30 minutes.

Ooh. Okay, Im gonna try and do the 30.

Im gonna try to do two projects, or just one project even.

Lets see how it goes.

(upbeat music) ♪ I dont know whats going on ♪ ♪ I hope Im on your mind, on your mind ♪ (gentle music) - Honestly, (chuckles) Im already confused.

What is it DOM? What is a [Indistinct] NER? Maybe Im not really at the trial stage yet.

What Im gonna do is Im actually gonna take a pause and Im gonna go back and just like, look at what these things are so I kind of understand them because I cant even go through this tutorial cause Im just like, what? So give me a second.

Im gonna actually go back and not do this tutorial.

(upbeat music) ♪ Ive got 70,000 friends. ♪ ♪ So I got ♪ - A couple hours later, I had finished the tutorial.

Honestly, I learned a lot from the tutorial.

I learned about JavaScript events.

I learned more about For loops and also learned new things like what the DOM is, what BOM is, as well as arrays and events in JavaScript.

Okay guys, so now its day three, and for the past two days Ive been learning the fundamentals of JavaScript and also doing a tutorial just so I could have a better understanding for JavaScript.

Now its time to actually build this Chrome extension and build our final project.

Honestly, projects are a really good way to learn more about programming and just really fill in the gaps of things you might not have even known you should have studied for.

Okay, so for this project, there are a couple of things Im gonna need to do.

I need to first figure out how to actually structure a Chrome extension project.

So Im gonna Google that, and Im gonna be using this tutorial.

And Im also gonna be figuring out how to take in the HTML of a page and also just like find the word Im looking for and replace it.

So whats actually interesting is something I didnt study, but after doing research for this project, Im realizing that Im gonna have to do a little bit more research on jQuery because jQuery seems to be one of the easiest ways to parse this information and also make changes to the actual HTML.

So thats what Im gonna start doing right now, and Im gonna build this project and Ill be back with what Ive learned from doing this project for three days.

Lets get started.

(upbeat music) Hello, so now Im back with the final results from this project.

So I was actually able to get this project done and working.

There were a little bit of errors for the Chrome extension, but if you see this little demo, youll see that basically the project works and everything works just fine.

(upbeat music) Also, Ill leave the code down below in GitHub so that you can check it out, but I will say that it is ugly.

Its pretty ugly code and Im not going to refactor it.

Okay, so lets talk about like how the three days went, just general summary.

Im actually doing this video a couple of weeks after.

So lets talk about how the project went.

So yes, I was able to build the project actually in one day, truly.

The first few days were spent learning as much as possible and the last day was actually building.

Honestly, I could have started building the project from day one, but I did want to get some fundamental knowledge on JavaScript.

And thats why I decided to just wait until the third day to build it because I felt like I would be more efficient and effective if I had like a very like base level understanding of JavaScript.

So I really went into this project really like, everything was unstructured.

I didnt really have a set plan.

I was just kinda going with the flow.

And to be honest, there were a lot of bad things that happened and a lot of good things that happened.

Lets start with the good stuff that I learned from doing this entire process.

First good thing is because of the very limited time, like I was forced to do the project before I even felt comfortable with my JavaScript knowledge to actually build a project.

And that ended up being a blessing in disguise.

By doing the project I ended up learning a lot.

I learned about the jQuery library and that was something that I didnt pop up during my learnings for the first two days.

I also just learned about more debugging in JavaScript.

Yeah, Im really glad that even though I didnt feel like I was very confident or I had enough knowledge in JavaScript, I just pushed myself to do a small project.

So that was the best thing I did.

Lets talk about the bad things I did.

So honestly, three days is not enough time to master any programming language.

And I definitely didnt master JavaScript.

Thats not going on my resume.

Im never gonna get paid.

At least with the skills I have now, no one will pay me to program in JavaScript, which is okay.

Definitely, another thing I should have done is like the first day I really should have not done the one hour Mosh course.

Like I honestly could have done a longer, more in depth course.

So thats like the number one thing I wish I did, had spent the first day.

Actually, what I wish I had done is not done any tutorials and just spent the first day, like learning as much as possible about JavaScript, like doing a longer course.

The second day maybe started building my project.

So those are the only things Id basically change.

Anyways, guys, thank you so much for watching this video.

This was a very like chaotic up and down video.

Just showing you guys me trying to learn JavaScript in three days, and it was a little bit of a fail, but I ended up with a project, and I hope you guys enjoyed this video.

Let me down below what you thought, and Ill see you guys next time.

(upbeat music) ♪ I dont know whats going ♪