JavaScript vs. Python: Can Python Beat JavaScript By 2020?

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And no & # 8230; I`m not talking about a Hollywood movie (don`t worry about watching it - it`s awful!). I`m talking about JavaScript and Python , two of the most popular programming languages ​​in existence today.

JavaScript is currently the most used programming language (and has been for quite some time now!). But now Python is putting out some stiff competition. Python is growing in popularity and is now the fastest growing programming language. So now the question is: Will Python replace JavaScript`s popularity by 2020?

To understand the above question correctly, it is important to know more about JavaScript and Python and why they are so popular. So let`s start with JavaScript first!

Why is JavaScript so popular?

JavaScript — it is a high-level interpreted programming language that is most popular as a scripting language for web pages . This means that if a web page doesn`t just sit and display static information, then JavaScript is probably behind it. And that`s not all, there are even advanced versions of the language, such as Node.js, which is used for server-side scripting.

JavaScript — extremely popular language. And if my word doesn`t convince you, here are the facts!

According to survey results StackOverflow Developer 2019 JavaScript is the most a commonly used programming language used by 69.7% of professional developers. And he has claimed this title for the last seven years in a row.

Also, the most commonly used web frameworks are jQuery, Angular.js and React.js (all of which use JavaScript, by the way). Now, if that doesn`t show the popularity of JavaScript, what does it do?!

Image source: Stackoverflow

So now the question is & # 8230;  Why is JavaScript so popular?

Well, some of the reasons for this:

  • JavaScript is used on both the client and server side. This means that it works almost everywhere, from browsers to powerful servers. This gives it an edge over other languages ​​that are not as versatile.
  • JavaScript implements several paradigms from OOP to procedural. This gives developers the freedom to experiment however they want.
  • JavaScript has a large community of enthusiasts who actively support the language. Without this, it would be difficult for JavaScript to set position number one.

Can Python replace JavaScript in popularity?

Python — is a general-purpose interpreted programming language that has many uses — from web applications to data analysis . This means Python can be seen on complex websites like YouTube or Instagram, in cloud computing projects like OpenStack, in machine learning, etc. (Mostly everywhere!)

According to StackOverflow Developer Survey Results 2019, Python is growing in popularity and is today the fastest growing mainstream programming language.

This is once again demonstrated by the Google Trends graph, showing Python`s growth over JavaScript over the past 5 years:

As shown in the data above, Python showed an increased interest in search over JavaScript for the first time in November 2017, and it has maintained the lead ever since ... This shows significant growth in Python since 5 years ago.

In fact, Stack Overflow has created a model to predict its future traffic based on a model called STL and guess what & # 8230; the prediction is that Python could potentially stay ahead of JavaScript until 2020 at least.

Image source: Stackoverflow

All of these trends indicate that Python is extremely popular and has become more popular over time. Some of the reasons for this incredible Python performance are listed below:

  • Python is easy to use
    Nobody likes overly complicated things, and this is one of the reasons why Python is so popular ... It`s simple with easy-to-read syntax, and this makes it a favorite of both experienced developers and experimental students alike. In addition to this, Python is also extremely efficient. This allows developers to do more work with fewer lines of code. With all these benefits, what`s not to love? !!
  • Python maintains a community
    Python has been around since 1990, and now there is plenty of time to build a supportive community. Thanks to this support, Python students can easily improve their knowledge, which only leads to an increase in popularity. And that is not all! There are many resources on the internet for promoting Python, ranging from official documentation to YouTube tutorials that are very helpful for learners.
  • Python has several libraries and frameworks
    Python already is quite popular and hence it has hundreds of different libraries and frameworks that can be used by developers. These libraries and frameworks are really useful for saving time, which in turn makes Python even more popular. Some of the popular Python libraries — these are NumPy and SciPy for scientific computing, Django for web development, BeautifulSoup for parsing XML and HTML, scikit-learn for machine learning applications, nltk for natural language processing, etc.

So what`s the conclusion?

While JavaScript is currently the most popular programming language, Python may soon overtake it in this name given its incredible growth rate ... So it is quite possible that Python will become the most popular programming language by 2020.

However, this will simply affect the relative popularity of the two languages ​​and will not determine which one is the best language. ... This choice is completely subjective and can be influenced by many factors such as project requirements, scalability, ease of learning, and future growth prospects.

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