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JavaScript shift () removes an element at a specified position and moves the remaining elements up. The unshift () JavaScript function does the opposite. unshift () adds a new item at a particular position and moves the remaining items down in the list.

You can choose to add or remove an item at the top of a list. Let’s say you create a list of top sellers. You should put the best-selling number one at the top of the list.

This is where the shift () and unshift () . shift () and unshift () are used to remove and append items to the start of a list respectively. These functions are similar to the push () function and the pop () function, although shift () and unshift () do not support support that deleting and adding items to the start of a list.

This tutorial will explore how to use shift () and unshift () to remove and add leading elements from an array. Additionally, we’ll look at an example of each of these functions in a JavaScript program.

JavaScript shift

shift () is a JavaScript function that removes the first element from an array. The shift () function directly modifies the JavaScript array you are working with. shift () returns the item you removed from the array.

The shift () function removes the element at index position 0 and shifts by one unit the values ‚Äã‚Äãof future index numbers. If you have trouble remembering the purpose of the shift () function, repeat this:

shift () shifts index values ‚Äã‚Äãin an array reduced by one.

shift () returns undefined if you use the shift () function on an empty list.

Here is the syntax of the JavaScript function shift ():

The JavaScript array shift () function, it does not accept parameters. This is because shift () only performs one function. shift () removes an element at the end of an array. If shift () allows you to remove an element from any position, a parameter would be needed.

JavaScript Shift Example

Let’s take an example to explain how the shift method works ().

Suppose you are the manager of a pharmaceutical sales team. compose a list of the bestsellers of the month. For starters, you have a list of the best sellers from the last month. You want to remove Mark from the top of the list. Mark didn’t have a list last month because he had been on vacation for two weeks.

We could use the shift () function to remove Mark’s name from the top of the list. Here is an example of the shift () used to add Heather to the top of the bestseller list:

Our code returns:

Let’s explain what’s going on in our code. In the first row, we declare an array called " top_salespeople " which stores the top sellers of the pharmaceutical sales team. Next, we use the shift () function to remove the first value from the list. Finally, we use console.log () to print the modified list to the console.

As you can see, the shift () function has been removed Mark from the list, which appeared in the first position.

I top_salespeople the array no longer contains Note. This is because the shift () function changes the original array. It doesn’t create a new table with the changes we made.

JavaScript unshift

The Java function The script array unshift () adds one or more elements at the start of an array. the function modifies the array and returns the length of the new array.

Here is the syntax of the unshift () function:

The unshift () accepts any parameters you specify. These parameters will all be added to the start of the table.

JavaScript example of unshift

Let’s look at an example and discuss how the unshift () function works.

An employee named Hannah has spent an amazing month on our sales team. It rose to the top of the bestseller list. We want to add H annah to the first position of our top_salespeople array. We could use the following code to perform this task:

When we run our code, the following response is returned to the console:

As you can see, Hannah ’The name has been added in top of our list. The unshift () function works the same as the shift () function but with two differences: unshift () adds an element at the top of a list and take that element as a parameter.

Our sales team is growing. Two of our new hires managed to climb to the top of the sales team in terms of sales in just one month. We would like to add these employees to our top_salespeople list. Geoff should appear at the top of the list and Peter should appear second.

This code updates the best sellers list:

Our code returns:

This second code example works the same as our first example. There is a difference. In the second example, we specified two parameters in the unshift () function instead of one.

As you can see, these parameters have been added to the top of our list in the order we specified. Geoff appears first and Peter appears second.


The shift () function allows you to remove an element from the start unshift () adds one or more elements to the start of an array.

This tutorial has explained how to use the two shift () elements and unshift () to manipulate arrays in JavaScript. We have reviewed the JavaScript exercises for c neither of these functions in action.

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