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One of the best ways to learn JavaScript is through projects. Whether it’s to get acquainted with the basics of JavaScript or to take the time to learn something more advanced, we always want to keep developing our JavaScript skills. JavaScript projects such as quizzes, games and generators improve your coding skills , but help you build your portfolio.

Having newbie JavaScript projects under your belt is the first step to a historic career as a programmer. The producing your own projects demonstrates to employers that you take your career seriously and intends to develop as a programmer. But what types of beginner JavaScript projects to choose?

Look no further than simple JavaScript project options. We have reviewed the most useful projects for JavaScript beginners and selected a few that can help you on your way in style. These projects give you a solid start to your programming career and help you achieve your dreams of getting a developer job. And thanks to code sharing centers like CodePen , you have a ready source of help. and handy examples to help you build your project. You’ll be ready to attack your hiring manager with a smile when we show you the basics with these javascript project ideas.

Here are the best JavaScript projects for beginners:.

  • Create a game
  • Play with JavaScript graphics
  • Create a quiz
  • Build a random number generator

Create game

a great Mario card himself .
" This me, baby developer "

Let’s face it - most people in computers and the technology because "They met in a certain form of entertainment. The games are the best candidates in this department. the video games are the honey that attracts the young and the hooks in the process. Well you can develop a game on your own and increase your skills and confidence. ". the creation of a game requires patience and an understanding of the necessary skills. Game design is a programming challenge that you could try to take a spin on.

JavaScript Hangman

Hangman is a simple guessing game . Guess a word letter by letter. You only have a certain number of attempts before losing. When programming a Hangman game, you need to do the following:

  • Set limits on guesses
  • give players an interface to make their own guesses
  • Show which players they left guessing
  • Generate a word for players to guess.

This project may take a while, but it’s worth it. Deepening by adding graphics and sounds as you develop more.

JavaScript Tic Tac Toe

Another great JavaScript project for beginners is Tic Tac Toe . The game can be completed in a day if you are diligent. You will create a grid 3 and 3 in which each player takes turn round in placing a cross or a circle.

You will have to schedule the game to decide a winner if someone gets three crosses or circles in a horizontal, diagonal or vertical row. Tic tac toe is a simple game to play, but it can’t be easy to code.

To make it easier, break the game down into simple steps to help you with your coding project .

JavaScript Pong game

There is no more classic pong game than. It’s a simple game that doesn’t require you to move a small block up and down and a bouncing ball . Some of the things to code when programming a game of pong are as follows:

  • Move the ball faster whenever it collides with something
  • Allow the computer to move faster to. random intervals.
  • bounce the ball off the rackets.
  • Show scores after the ball passes a racket.

Play with Ja VaScript Graphics

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Learn how to use the rainbow.

While you can expect to find a job involving JavaScript in one way or another in different fields and different companies, one of the main areas in which you will find the language is in graphics applications. The graphical development is a fundamental task for programmers, and have a good understanding of the subject is essential if you want to advance in a web development career. You can use graphic design as a springboard for learning to code in JavaScript . A graphic design shows employers that you already have the skills they need and shows that you can use JavaScript alongside HTML and CSS.

A drawing project is a great option to start a graphics path. With the power of JavaScript, you can embed CSS and HTML elements into your project and start building a graphical working program . Getting started is easier than you think, and before you know it, the job itself will be easier. When facing a hiring manager , you will be able to answer his knowledge questions with a smile and wow him with your graphics skills.

Create a quiz

a page clean, empty with pencil and sharpener on a table.

If you already have an idea of ‚Äã‚Äãthe" beginner programmer "thing and are looking for a challenge, you might want to take a look at some of the more advanced activities. Random number generation:a real and solid generation number that is as close as possible to chance in this crazy world; is a satisfactory project for JavaScript programmers with some experience.

You have heard of Nano ID ? That’s all you need to make a working random number generator . Having the skills and ambition to create this type of application on your own will attract the next business you apply yourself to. It will take some work to master the concept of Number Generator and ID Nano, but in doing so, you are putting your head and shoulders above other candidates and signaling your interest in security to hiring managers .

Other JavaScript projects for beginners and advanced programmers

There are tons of projects you can do by learning JavaScript. Challenge yourself as you keep doing more complex things. Improve your portfolio by showcasing the best of your skills in what you create. Here is a list of the different projects that you can complete.

Weather app

You don’t have to be a meteorologist to create a weather app. This simple project teaches you how to take data from an API and display it.


An essential project for JavaScript programmers is a calculator. This is a simple project that teaches you how to do math with your code. . Start with simple calculations and make them more complex things as you progress


Encode a simple stopwatch that stops and starts at the touch of a button. You can go further by setting up a countdown timer.


If you are using an application or a website with a clock, is probably done with JavaScript. Creating a clock is a great project to give you an idea of ‚Äã‚Äãwhat JavaScript development is all about. You can even set the clock to display images at certain times. Once your watch has been created, another project is to turn it into an alarm clock.

Landing Page

If you are using JavaScript programming for a career, it can work in website design and development. Building a landing page with JavaScript teaches you how to implement code on a website. Usa questo linguaggio di programmazione per acquisire dati sul sito o aiutare the person to create a profilo.

Elenco della spesa

Ti dimentichi semper un oggetto quando vai to go shopping? A shopping list is a great way to keep track. This project teaches you how to notify users when they add something to a list. It also teaches you how to create a search filter and put items in a list. Add the prices of the products and use the calculator to calculate the cost before shopping.

How to Start JavaScript Projects for Beginners

When you are just starting out, it can be intimidating to create your own JavaScript projects from scratch. Having no code to rely on makes this a difficult task. However, there are several resources to help you with the project.

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Javascript Projects __del__: Questions

How can I make a time delay in Python?

5 answers

I would like to know how to put a time delay in a Python script.


Answer #1

import time
time.sleep(5)   # Delays for 5 seconds. You can also use a float value.

Here is another example where something is run approximately once a minute:

import time
while True:
    print("This prints once a minute.")
    time.sleep(60) # Delay for 1 minute (60 seconds).


Answer #2

You can use the sleep() function in the time module. It can take a float argument for sub-second resolution.

from time import sleep
sleep(0.1) # Time in seconds

Javascript Projects __del__: Questions

How to delete a file or folder in Python?

5 answers

How do I delete a file or folder in Python?


Answer #1

Path objects from the Python 3.4+ pathlib module also expose these instance methods:

How to do a scatter plot with empty circles in Python?

2 answers

In Python, with Matplotlib, how can a scatter plot with empty circles be plotted? The goal is to draw empty circles around some of the colored disks already plotted by scatter(), so as to highlight them, ideally without having to redraw the colored circles.

I tried facecolors=None, to no avail.


Answer #1

From the documentation for scatter:

Optional kwargs control the Collection properties; in particular:

        The string ‘none’ to plot faces with no outlines
        The string ‘none’ to plot unfilled outlines

Try the following:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt 
import numpy as np 

x = np.random.randn(60) 
y = np.random.randn(60)

plt.scatter(x, y, s=80, facecolors="none", edgecolors="r")

example image

Note: For other types of plots see this post on the use of markeredgecolor and markerfacecolor.

plot a circle with pyplot

2 answers

surprisingly I didn"t find a straight-forward description on how to draw a circle with matplotlib.pyplot (please no pylab) taking as input center (x,y) and radius r. I tried some variants of this:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
# here must be something like circle.plot() or not?

... but still didn"t get it working.


Answer #1

You need to add it to an axes. A Circle is a subclass of an Patch, and an axes has an add_patch method. (You can also use add_artist but it"s not recommended.)

Here"s an example of doing this:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

circle1 = plt.Circle((0, 0), 0.2, color="r")
circle2 = plt.Circle((0.5, 0.5), 0.2, color="blue")
circle3 = plt.Circle((1, 1), 0.2, color="g", clip_on=False)

fig, ax = plt.subplots() # note we must use plt.subplots, not plt.subplot
# (or if you have an existing figure)
# fig = plt.gcf()
# ax = fig.gca()



This results in the following figure:

The first circle is at the origin, but by default clip_on is True, so the circle is clipped when ever it extends beyond the axes. The third (green) circle shows what happens when you don"t clip the Artist. It extends beyond the axes (but not beyond the figure, ie the figure size is not automatically adjusted to plot all of your artists).

The units for x, y and radius correspond to data units by default. In this case, I didn"t plot anything on my axes (fig.gca() returns the current axes), and since the limits have never been set, they defaults to an x and y range from 0 to 1.

Here"s a continuation of the example, showing how units matter:

circle1 = plt.Circle((0, 0), 2, color="r")
# now make a circle with no fill, which is good for hi-lighting key results
circle2 = plt.Circle((5, 5), 0.5, color="b", fill=False)
circle3 = plt.Circle((10, 10), 2, color="g", clip_on=False)
ax = plt.gca()
ax.cla() # clear things for fresh plot

# change default range so that new circles will work
ax.set_xlim((0, 10))
ax.set_ylim((0, 10))
# some data
ax.plot(range(11), "o", color="black")
# key data point that we are encircling
ax.plot((5), (5), "o", color="y")

which results in:

You can see how I set the fill of the 2nd circle to False, which is useful for encircling key results (like my yellow data point).


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