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You should know how to modify the text or HTML that appears on the page to make your sites more interactive. This is where the HTML innerText and innerHTML attributes come in.

These attributes make it easy to modify the text of a DOM element and its HTML code. In this guide, you will learn how to use the innerText and innerHTML JavaScript attributes.

What is JavaScript innerHTML?

The innerHTML JavaScript property defines the HTML content of an element on a web page. InnerHTML is a property of the HTML DOM. innerHTML is often used to define and modify the content of a


You can use innerHTML like this: ..

document.getElementById ("paragraph") innerHTML = "Karma career!";

This line of code defines the contents of the "paragraph"

element for "Karma career"! The getElementById () method retrieves an element by its ID.

The browser sets a href = "/ what-is-the-javascript-dom /" > Object Model (DOM) document when a page is loaded. This DOM is a series of objects displayed on the page.

The DOM means that you don’t have to change the HTML code every time you want to change a web element. You can use the DOM and JavaScript to change the way the page appears in a particular session

What is JavaScript innerText?

The JavaScript innerText property defines the text content of an element. It also defines the content of its descendants. Descendants can include tags in a paragraph

The syntax of innerText is similar to that of innerHTML: ..

document.getElementById ("element") InnerText = "This is a test. & Rdquo ;;

sets the text value of the element with id "element" to "This is a test."

You can test these methods by going to your JavaScript console and selecting an element to modify:

This changes the contents of the first HTML

tag on a web page. If you want to replace the text, you can use the innerText attribute:.

modifies the content of the second paragraph (indicated by the number 1) on the page "This is a test." "

Let’s start by changing the text on a web page. We are going to create a simple web page with flashcards. This web page will display a question about HTML. It will have a button which, when clicked, will reveal the answer to an HTML question.

Create a webpage

Our first step is to create an index.html file for our forward:


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