Javascript Get The Element By Id

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So, you want to select an element on a web page in JavaScript ? This is the specialty of the getElementById method, the so-called king of getters elements in JavaScript.

getElementById allows you to select an element based on its ID. It’s a pretty self-explanatory method name if you think about it.

In this guide, we’ll talk about what getElementById is, how it works, and when you should use it in your code. We’ll take a look at an example of a "Show / Hide‚" button text in our document.getElementById demo.

Let’s dive into Let!

What is getElementById?

getElementById () is a document method that selects an HTML DOM element on a page based on the specified Element ID attribute.

Consider the following code:

In our HTML code, we have defined a Find your Bootcamp match

You can choose to use this method if you have assigned an ID to an article. Instead of using a larger getter like querySelector or getElementByClass, which returns the first element object that matches a particular criteria, you can get an element using getElementById ().

getElementById () is a common method used to retrieve an element on a web page.

What you should know about getElementById

Before we dive into an example, let’s talk about the mistakes beginners often make when using this method.

it’s always frustrating when you learn something new and it doesn’t work, so let’s talk about what common mistakes you might do while learning to getElementById ( ) .

First , getElementById () is case sensitive . While the term ID is usually uppercase in programming, you should use the camel case Id when using this method. Otherwise, this method will not work

Second , the ID you specify must not include a hashtag. Consider this code:

This example may give the impression that it gets the element with the id mainButton, but it’s not. Just specify the ID of the item you want to retrieve:

Now that it’s out of the way, we can move on to review an example.

How to use getElementById

When browsing the web, you may come across tags that say "Read more.‚" A web page may display a few sentences of a piece of text, so you are prompted to press this button so you can see the rest of the text.

We will build this function using getElementB yId () getter. You can view the final code for this tutorial at GitHub .

creation of the front-end

Let start by creating a simple front-end using HTML and CSS Create a new file called index. html and paste the following code:

JavaScript getElementById ()

Want to learn more about getElementById ()? You’ve come to the right place.

Learn More

getElementById () is a method JavaScript that allows you to select an element on a page band. This method is commonly called a "getter" because it "gets" an element of a page.


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