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JavaScript is a programming language used to create dynamic content on websites.

Take a moment to think about the web features you use every day. Think about how the new content loads when you keep scrolling on Twitter or how YouTube updates when you click the like button. This is JavaScript at work. JavaScript can be used to create interactive forms, animate images, create responsive elements and more to meet your needs

When building a website, there are three main web technologies that you will use. HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You will use HTML to determine the structure of a web page and CSS to control how a web page looks . JavaScript is the third element of web development you can use to make your site dynamic.

And that’s not all JavaScript can do. If you want to create more than one static web page, we recommend that you use JS. But JavaScript can also be used in back - end web development , or to develop games or to create mobile applications.

In this guide, we’ll go over some - some of the operations most common that you might encounter in learning JavaScript. We will discuss the basics of JavaScript, including sub - chains, test code using try ... catch blocks, using if statements and more. After covering the basics, we’ll also explore some more advanced JavaScript features.

If you are new to JavaScript and are looking for an introductory tutorial , look no further than this guide! Let ’s start by exploring some of the most common operations in JavaScript.

Filter and shrink JavaScript

When working with an array in JavaScript, you can filter your objects or perform a calculation on all elements. to the interior of the matrix. This is where the filter () and reduce () functions come into play, respectively.

Filter () The function can be used to get values ‚Äã‚Äãthat meet particular criteria from an array. Here is an example of a filter function that returns all students 1st grade:

reduce () method can be used to reduce an array to a single value. For example, if we want to get the total age of students in a class, we could use this code:

See our full guide to these functions for more information on how they work and how to use them in your code.

JavaScript string contains

strings are used in programming for r display and with text. When working with a string, you can check whether this string contains a certain value or not. For example, you can check if someone’s name contains Jones or not.

You can use the built-in understands () in JavaScript to check if a string contains a substring. Here is an example of the include () method used to check if a string contains a substring:

JavaScript Split and Slice

Often you can have a string that you want to split into a substring or an array. To do this, you can use the JavaScript functions split () and slice ()

the split () function allows you to split a string into an array. For example, if you want to convert a user’s full name to an array of strings, you can use the. split () function Here is an example of split () in action:

slice () returns all characters between two index numbers in a string, allowing you to create a substring Here is an example of a slice in action.

JavaScript code splice () can be used to add or remove an element from any position in an array. For example, if you have a list of employee names and you want to remove the second one from the list, you can use splice ().

Here is an example of splice () used to remove the name Paul, which has the value of index 3 , from an array:

JavaScript Substring

The JavaScript code substring ( ) method allows you to extract parts of a string and create a substring there. For example, if you want to get the last two characters in someone’s name, you can use the substring ().

Here is an example of a substring used to remove the first two characters from a string:

JavaScript Try Catch

Every developer makes mistakes when they are coding and it is very important to make sure that if an error appears , it is treated appropriately. Try / catch blocks are used in JavaScript for handle errors.

When a try / catch block is used, the code will execute and return a custom response if an error is found in the code. Here is an example try / capture procedure in action:

JavaScript If Else

Conditional statements are used when you want your code to run only when a certain set of criteria are met. For example, you might want your program to print the username if they are entered in a valid name and return a message to the user in the web browser if their name is invalid.

The if / else statement can be used to execute certain code if one statement is true and to execute another block of code if one statement is false. Here is the syntax of an if / else Declaration:

Replace JavaScript string

the JavaScript < the> replace () code can be used to replace certain characters - or sequences of characters - in a text string. For example, you can use replace () to change the email address of each occurrence of a user to a string if the user changed their email

Here is an example of how you can use replace () in JavaScript to replace text:

JavaScript onclick

When you create a web page you may want an element of do something when a user clicks on it. for example, you can a user to get a message if they click a button or an image to enlarge it is clicked. This is where the onclick () function comes in .

onclick () allows you to make an interactive webpage so that if a user clicks on an item, something will happen. Read our guide to the onclick () event to learn more about how it works and how you can use it in your code.

JavaScript Sort array

When working with an array, you can decide to sort the array by a special way. For example, you can sort a list of names alphabetically or a list of votes in ascending order.

The JavaScript sort () function can be used to organize an array in a particular way. Here is an example of the () sort function used to sort an array of student names in alphabetical order:

The sort () function can also be used to perform advanced sorting if you define a custom function in the genre

JavaScript operator ternary

JavaScript ternary operators are if ... else which controls whether a condition is met and execute a block of code. For example if you want to check if they are over 18 and false an age of the user and return true if they are under 18 you can use a ternary operator.

Ternary operators are often used in place of simple if ... else because they are compact and on one line.

Here is the syntax for a ternary operator in JavaScript:

JavaScript forEach

When programming in JavaScript, you may want to iterate through all the items in a list. For example, you might have a list of vendor names that you want to print for the user. You can use the forEach loop to create this function

forEach loop is a form of a loop that performs a function once on each element of an array. Here is the syntax for a forEach statement that iterates through a list of companies and prints each on a new line:

JavaScript functions

Functions that are part of most programming languages, allow you to write code once per process, and use that code multiple times in your program.

For example, if you have a block of code that checks if a form field is valid, you might want to make it a function, so I don’t have to repeat a block of code for each field form on a web page. <

p> Here is an example of a JavaScript function:

By itself our function does nothing, but when called, the function will print Google to the console. To call our function, we use the following code:

JavaScript Either

The keyword JavaScript let allows to declare a block-field, locale variable which can be reassigned. Unlike var variables let variables are only accessible within a given code block, but can be reassigned as var Variables.

Declaring a variable using let works the same as var:

Read our full article on JavaScript let to learn the differences between var, const and let, as well as how to use them all correctly.

JavaScript array Press

When working with an array,you can add an element to this array. This is where the push () JavaScript comes in. You can use push () to append an element to the end of an array. Here is an example of push () method used:


You can also use unshift () to add an element to the from an array. unshift () works the same as push () and accepts the same argument.


JavaScript is a programming tool language used to create dynamic web pages. In this guide, we discussed some - some of the operations most common JavaScript used by beginners. We’ve covered everything from onClick to string replacement, cutting data to meet your needs.

This manual isn’t just for beginners, however. As you continue your journey of learning JavaScript, you should keep coming back to this guide and use it to help you if you get lost. We’ll keep this article updated so that if you have a question about a common JavaScript operation, you’ll probably find it here.

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