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The getElementById JavaScript method selects an element from the Document Object Model (DOM) HTML. If you misspelled this method, you will encounter the error document.getElementById is not a function in your program.

This tutorial explains what this error means and because it is relieved. We will look at an example of this error so that you can learn what you need to know to fix it.

document.getElementById is not a function

document. getElementById () Method is one of the JavaScript selection methods. The method retrieves an object based on its ID from the HTML DOM.

This method is used to manipulate the content of an element or retrieve information about a particular element, such as its content or attributes.

IDs are defined in HTML. An ID must be unique for a particular element:

has the id top_header. This ID is unique to the
. IDs are often used for styling particular elements using CSS .

document. getElementById () is case sensitive . This method is:

  • . getElementById ()
  • document.getElementById ()
  • document.getElementById ()

Any other variation on the method name will not be accepted by JavaScript.

Although it is tempting to write ID in upper case letters, since it is an abbreviation for another word, the method requires the use of a top case I and lowercase <. strong> d .

To learn more about the getElementById method, read our guide JavaScript getElementById .

an example scenario

We are going to build a piece of code that welcomes a user into our application. The welcome message will be in a title that appears at the top of our page.

For the purposes of this example, we’ll use a demo name.

to start, define our body HTML code for the welcome section of the web page:

By default, our

contains the Welcome content. the
tag is the parent tag, it is in our title. Next, we’ll script the


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