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One thing we can do to solve problems coding is to use the Date object to compare the dates and times to conditionally to a certain logic in our code. This article takes a look at how to use the date object to compare two dates to see what is the next (or previous) date.

JavaScript has a built-in data object that it can use access methods that can help us do timestamp- based logic . To configure it, instantiate a new date by encoding the following:

If you were to enter console.log (date), the time (the substring after T ) it will be different depending on where you live by default. If you want to work with UTC, remove the Z and add + HH: MM or -HH: MM.

Know how to define what is important when working with our compare function in the next section.

Next, take a look at the methods offered when using the date constructor. One such method is getTime (). We use this method to change our date object to a number so that it can be easily compared.

This particular method converts the date to the number of milliseconds since the start of the epoch (the epoch started on January 1, 1970). Here is our getTime method:

Since the date is instantiated as a new Date object, we can use the dotted notation to access the getTime function.

I recommend checking the documentation for all the different types of methods you can use on the Date object in your logic. We are now ready to face our prompt


Given two strings and a comparison operator, returns a date that is either lesser or greater depending on the given operator. It is guaranteed that the two passed strings can be transformed into a data object.

Steps to Resolve

  1. Change both strings to new data objects. don’t forget to consider how to pass parameters in your date constructor!
  2. Use the getTime () to create a number of milliseconds that have elapsed since January 1, 1970.
  3. Use a conditional or ternary statement to calculate the necessary date as indicated by the past comparison operator.
  4. Convert milliseconds to a readable date string and return it.
  5. Try to solve it yourself before referring to the solution!


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