Javascript Coding Challenges

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Being a JavaScript programmer is a lot like being a shooter - there will always be someone younger or faster to pick you up. That is why you need to keep your senses sharp and your mind open. You need to keep practicing and learning to keep up with any profession, from shooting challengers to fixing software bugs.

Many JavaScript challenge sites have sprung up to meet this need. These sites offer one-byte coding puzzles, usually with increasing difficulty. Regular visits to sites like these will increase your coding game and make you a more valuable employee. However, which JavaScript coding challenge sites are the best ?

We’ve compiled the best coding challenges for JavaScript in this guide. You’ll find out which sites offer programming challenges for beginners and which are for more experienced programmers. With our help and regular efforts on your part, you will soon become a Java coding beast.

Best sites for JavaScript coding challenges

Exercise .io logo

Exercise .io is a growing platform designed to help people increase their JavaScript and programming skills with testing and The program offers challenges for 51 languages ‚Äã‚Äãand is completely free. To date, more than 50,000 students have used the JavaScript challenges offered by

In addition, the program includes 101 JavaScript exercises and challenges, as well as 117 programming mentors. mentors are expert JavaScript developers and are available to students when needed to help solve complex computer programming problems.


If you want the JavaScript code to be time challenged, look no further TopCoder . This coding challenge site features new challenges every week. Plus, it has a huge archive of challenges that you can play to your heart’s delight.

Topcoder Logo Topcoder Logo

If you are feeling arrogant, you can also take advantage of TopCoder one-turn games that pit you against other competing code. Put your skills on the line with this well-designed and respected challenge site and level up.


SPOJ logo

SPOJ , or Sphere Online Judge, is a multi-faceted programming platform for students. With over 700,000 users and 25,000,000 contributions, SPOJ offers an extensive knowledge base for anyone looking to watch.

Students learn the most popular programming languages ‚Äã‚Äã(including JavaScript) using the large amount of resources offered by the program. To get started, visit the OPSJ Issues page on the website and browse through thousands of projects. Each coding challenge is labeled based on difficulty, quality, and views. Therefore, you can be sure to find all the resources you need, from programming challenges for beginners to the most difficult projects. logo offers a stimulating yet rewarding JavaScript challenge g. In this challenge, you will create an online chat application from scratch using Laravel and Vue.js. High level chat offers user authentication (username and password), saves registration information in a database, and allows users to participate in a variety of chats.

The program includes group chats, one-on-one conversations, input indicators, read and delivery receipts, etc. This JavaScript project allows you to create a fun and complex front-end without a lot of effort. reasonable of difficult material.


Codewars logo

Codewars offers a variety of JavaScript challenges designed for you distinguished by different areas of expertise, in combination including with other programming languages The simplest project available is called " Polish Alphabet " and it is only JavaScript. Codewars challenges you to turn a group of letters into a word using diacritics.

Other projects like ’Logical Calculator’ include other programming languages ‚Äã‚Äãlike C #, Python, Racket and Ruby. For simpler projects consider the age difference challenge . The challenge is find the age differences between younger and older family members using JavaScript and C #. To date, Codewars offers a total of 9 dice JavaScript encoding fis.


 Logo HackerRank

In addition to coding questions and challenges, LeetCode helps you engage in an active community of peers. Students help each other solve coding problems by giving examples and sharing ideas. LeetCode also helps students connect with businesses and can help you prepare for a technical interview with programming challenges.


CodinGame Logo

CodinGame offers a unique approach to the challenges of JavaScript code (and over 20 more Programming languages). Each challenge is tied to an actual game in the browser that responds to your inputs in the browser-based IDE. The site also offers tutorials and the opportunity to participate in competitive and multiplayer coding challenges.

There are a ton of different games you can work on in CodinGame, but some of the more popular games on the site include The Descent (for practicing JavaScript loops), Power of Thor (for practicing JavaScript loops), Power of Thor (for practicing JavaScript loops). conditions), and Temperatures (to practice with tables).

While CodinGame offers plenty of JavaScript challenges for beginners, there are plenty of great exercises to test even the most experienced programmers.


Geeks4Geeks logo

Geeks4Geeks provides a number of JavaScript coding resources for programmers. Among these resources are coding challenges that you can use to prepare for a technical interview

Additionally, Geeks4Geeks provides useful blog content covering company specific technical interview topics. You can use this information to start planning and choose the challenges that best suit your future. company. Geeks4Geeks offers quality IT resources that you can enjoy today and start testing your skills in JavaScript programming.


 CoderByte Logo

For those of you who still have your feet in JavaScript water, CoderByte is the place to visit. CoderByte presents more and more its JavaScript coding challenges; you start with the beginner challenges and move on to the more difficult ones. The site has plenty of helpful videos and articles that also explain various coding concepts.

CoderByte will not only hone your JavaScript coding skills, but will also help you get into a bootcamp. bootcamp test preparation and coding challenges visit it !


codeforces logo

Code Forces offers a myriad of programming tests on, contests and hands-on projects. Once CodeForces organizes a contest, it displays the participants in its ’Contest Page’ and describes the project. The challenges also include a countdown timer, which lets you see when it started and how much time you have.

CodeForces offers a unique coding challenge platform that allows students to connect with their competitive side while focusing on relevant and up-to-date skills. In addition, you can practice JavaScript and access study material on the site, making it a full-featured and feature-rich hands-on programming platform.