Javascript Bubble Sort

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How to write a JavaScript bubble spell

Do you have a list of values ‚Äã‚Äãthat you need to sort? Sorting bubbles could be for you. Bubble sorts compare adjacent items in a list and swap their positions if they are not in the correct order.

In this guide we are going to talk about what kind of bubble are and how they work. We will see how to write a Bubble Sort in JavaScript so that you can quickly get started with this genre.

Let s start!

What is a JavaScript Bubble Sort?

A sort of bubble, or "sort damping," is a simple sorting algorithm, which compares a pair of adjacent items in a list. If an element is not in order, we swap the element with the previous one. Otherwise, the item stays at the same location.

Tri Bubble got its name because it scrolls through a list and moves all the most important values ‚Äã‚Äãto the end. Another way to think about this is that the greatest values ‚Äã‚Äã"bubble up" at the end of the list. Bubble kinds work in both ascending and descending order

There are two kinds of bubble kinds: .. Regular and optimized

Regular bubble kinds make all possible comparisons, it doesn’t matter if an array is sorted. Kinds of Optimized bubbles stop running at the end of an iteration if no swap has taken place.

Bubble Sort JavaScript Procedure

We’ll start by talking about how the bubble sorts work, and then implement one in JavaScript. Consider the following list of elements:

9 3 2 11

To start our genre , we will compare the first and second numbers. If the first number is greater than the second number, we swap the elements. Otherwise, the elements remain in the same position

9 is greater than 3 so that the positions of the first two elements swap:

3 9 12 2

This process continues until all the items in the list are compared.

9 does not exceed 12, so these items remain in the same place. 12 is greater than 2, so these elements swap:

3 9 2 12

Our the list starts to look cleaner. Our algorithm repeated the list once. It will continue to do so until we let’s order each item. In the next iteration, our program makes the following comparisons:

After this iteration, our list looks like this:.

3 2 9 12
We’re almost there. In the next iteration, we swap the first two items, which gives us a complete ordered list:

We did it! We have categorized a list using bubble sort. Now comes the tricky part:. The development work of this algorithm in JavaScript

How to write an algorithm bubble sorting in JavaScript

We can write an algorithm sorting JavaScript bubble. We are going to create two types of bubbles: a normal sort and an optimization of a

regular bubble sort

Let’s start by defining a JavaScript function that performs our bubble sort:

This function accepts an array of numbers and sorts using the bubble sort algorithm . To begin with, the algorithm creates a loop that passes through each element of the list

Our code uses the length attribute of the array to calculate the length of the list. , We then declare another loop. This loop makes comparisons between each item in the list.

For each iteration of our inner loop, our program executes an if statement. This JavaScript if statement checks whether the number on the left of a comparison is greater than the number on the right. In this case, our program swaps the numbers. Otherwise, nothing happens.

returns the array to the main program after sorting them. Let’s call our function and give it an example array:

We have declared JavaSc variables ript called numbersToSort which contains the digits we want to the order. We then called our sortItems () method and adopted that variable as a parameter. This sorts our list. We print the new ordered list in the JavaScript console of the browser :. [2, 3, 9, 11]

ORDERS of ours list code in ascending order. We can change this behavior by replacing the "greater than" value to access our "if" declaration with a "minus" sign:

We’re almost done! Let’s make our code more efficient by implementing the sorting bubble with a variable interchanged.

optimized bubble Sort

optimized bubble introduced Sort a new variable. This variable keeps track of whether the exchange was held. Tri stop if no swap occurred

To make our genre bubble more efficient, we’ll replace our outer for the loop with a while loop:

The while loop will be executed until "swapped" is false. By default, the value of "purse" is true. In each iteration of our list, we’ve set the value of "swapped" to false. If a swap occurs, the value of "swapped" returns true

this allows us to keep track of whether an exchange has been done in an iteration. If no exchange has been made, it means that our list is sorted. in this case, we can stop our bubble sort.

Let try using this bubble’s sort:

Our code returns:. [2, 3, 9, 11] list is sorted. this algorithm is more efficient because it does not perform unnecessary comparisons. as soon as the list is sorted, the algorithm stops working.


Kinds of bubbles are an easy way to sort a Compare the list of adjacent items in a list or swap them and if they are not in the correct order.

More efficient kinds are available such as insert sort or merge sort. These types are more advanced. Kinds of bubbles are usually the best way to start learning about sorting algorithms .

For more information on coding in JavaScript, read our How to Learn JavaScript Help .

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