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Java sort selection finds the smallest item in a list and moves that value to the top of the list. This happens repeatedly until all of the items in the first list have been sorted. Sorting of the selection returns of the sorted list.

How did you sort a list in Java? You have a few options. A common option is sorting by selection.

In this guide, we are going to talk about what sort sorting is and how it works. We will also show you how to create some sort of selection in Java so that you know how to create your own. Let’s get started!

What kind of Java selection?

A sort selection repeatedly finds the minimum item in a list and moves it to the start of unsorted items in the list. This process repeats for each item in a list until the list is sorted.

The first element in the list is considered the smallest element. This item is compared to the next item. If the next element is smaller, the swap elements. This algorithm finds the minimum element until the last element is reached. Then our program moves the smallest item to the top of the list.

In some sort of selection, a list contains two parts:. The sorted list and the unsorted list. As items are sorted, they move from the sub - table at the sub - table unsorted sorted.

You can sort a list in ascending or descending order.

When using sort by should selection?

Selection types are optimal when you need to sort a small list. Indeed, there are more efficient ways to sort large lists. Algorithms, such as merge sort , insert sort, and fast sort, are more efficient than select sort in Java programming

One type of selection works best when checking all array elements is required. This would be the case if few or none of the items in a list were sorted. Selection sorts generally replace a sort bubble, which is easier to understand.

How do selection types work?

There is no point in trying to implement an algorithm in Java without first knowing what it is that we want our algorithm to do. Let’s start by following the steps of a selection takes sort to sort a list in order

Consider the following unordered table:

17 14 9 12

Selection sort sets the first item as the smallest in the list. a temporary value that changes each time our program does a comparison. This value is stored in its own variable.

minimum = 17

17 14 9 < / td> 12

The "minimum" element is compared to the second element This element is in the unordered part of the network; .. each item after the sorted items is unsorted

Say the second item is smaller than "item" m inimo ". In this case, the value of the "minimum" element " element is set to the value of the second element. 14 is less than 17, our new minimum value becomes 14.

minimum = 14

17 14 9 12

This process is repeated for each item in our listing. 9 is less than 14. So the "minimum" value becomes 9. 9 is not less than 12, so the minimum value remains the same.

After iteration, our list revealed that 9 is the smallest number. This element is moved to the top of the list:

This process starts over from the first unsorted item. So our next s A series of comparisons would start with 17:

Our list looks like this:

9 17 14 12
9 12 17 14

This process repeats until our list is ordered. When our algorithm has finished executing, the following list is returned:

9 12 14 17

Our list is sorted in ascending order.

How to create a sort of selection in Java

It is one thing to know how a sort of selection works; it is another of construction. Code to leave a select sort order in Java that uses the logic discussed in the walkthrough

Setting up the program

Create a file called We will start by importing the Java Arrays library into our code:

We use this library later in our code. we use it to convert our sorted range to a string so that we can print it to the console.

Create sort function

Next we will declare a class and we will create a method to make our sort selection Add the following to your file:.

In our class, we’ve defined a method called sortNumbers which does our sort. Let’s start by calculating the length of our array. We store the length of our array in a Java variable.

Next, we create a LUCRATIVE Java loop . This cycle cycle through each item on our list. Inside this loop is the minimum element, which is the first element in the list

Next, we run another loop to compare the minimum element to each element in the list.

If the number read by the loop is less than the minimum number, the "minimum‚" value becomes that number. In our loop, "number" represents the value of the index of the number to which we are comparing the minimum value.

Once the minimum number has been compared to each number in the list, our loop for internal stops. The minimum number is then moved after all the sorted numbers in the list.

Call the sort function

Our code does nothing yet. We haven’t called our class yet and have given a list to sort

In sortNumbers method in the list, add the following code:.

In our main method we have declared a list of type elements called toSort. We then initialize an instance of our SelectionSort class called newSort. We use it to call our sortNumbers method, which sorts the values ‚Äã‚Äãin the array of toSort

After method sortNumbers is executed, we print the sorted array to the console.We do this using the Arrays.toString () method, which converts our array to a list of strings.

Let’s run our code:

Our list has been sorted

Select Sort Java: Sort values ‚Äã‚Äãin descending order

It is interesting to note that you can sort the values. in descending order To do this, replace the following line of code in your sortNumbers method:

With this code:

This code checks if the" minimum " value is greater than what access for the loop. This means that the "minimum" value will reflect the highest value in a list rather than the lowest value .

To avoid confusion, you should rename "minimum" to "maximum" if you are sorting a list in descending order.

You did. You have tuned a list in Java using sorting by the selection algorithm.

How complex is a sort by Java selection?

There are three time complexities that we need to consider when evaluating an algorithm. the best of cases, the worst case and the average case

sorting selection complexity of the best, average and worst case of O (n ^ 2). This means that the algorithm will exponentially take more as the number of items in a list grows.

Are you confused by the complexity of the algorithms? Check out our two-part series on Big O notation . This is the notation we use to describe the complexity of algorithms.


Selection sorts are an effective way of sorting data lists. They work by selecting the smallest item from an unsorted list and moving it to the top of the unsorted list. This process repeats until the list is sorted.

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