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Fun Facts About Strings in Python | Set 2 (slicing)

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# Python program to illustrate slicing in lines


x = "Geeks at work"

# Prints the third character, starting with 0

print x [ 2

# Prints the 7th character

print x [ 6

# Prints the third character from the back, starting at -1

print x [ - 3

# Line length is 10, so it is out of bounds

print x [ 15


Traceback (last call was last): File, line 15, in "module" print x [15] IndexError: string index out of range
 f o 


To extract a substring from an entire string, we use the following syntax

  string_name [start: end: step]  
  • start represents the starting index of the line
  • the end indicates the ending index of a line that is not inclusive
  • steps indicate the distance between two words.

Note: we can also slice a line using the beginning and only , and steps are optional.


# Program in Python for illustration # print substrings of the string

x = "Welcome to GeeksforGeeks"

# Prints a substring from the 2nd to the 5th character

print x [ 2 : 5

# Prints 2nd character substring
# 4th to 10th character

print x [ 4 : 10 : 2

# Pe chat 3rd character from behind from 3 to 5

print x [ - 5 : - 3



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