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Ibbu platform fired Samsung chat employee after she spoke about unpaid workload online chat employee Jennifer Larson, who worked through Ibbu’s platform, was fired after revealing that Ibbu and Samsung were pushing for unpaid workloads. She reported this to The Verge.

The Ibbu platform provides various websites and companies with online chat services. In April, several employees on’s sales chat told The Verge about unfair working conditions. Their job was to answer questions from users who wanted to buy a phone, and they were paid based on the number of sales. However, often people write to the chat with questions about phone problems or with claims on orders. Ibbu’s contract states that employees should not answer questions related to technical support, but specialists complained of pressure from both Ibbu and Samsung, who insisted on this unpaid workload.

The day after the publication was published, Larson received an email saying that she had been temporarily suspended from work. A month later, Ibbu announced that Larson had been fired.

As a reason for terminating the employment contract, Ibbu indicated activity that was contrary to company policy.

“Using the Ibbu platform for personal communication violates Ibbu policy and in this case has resulted in complaints from other members of the community. In addition, disclosing confidential information about the Ibbu platform on social media and inciting visitors in the chat to view third-party links or content is a material violation of the policy and grounds for termination of the contract.”

In a commentary to The Verge, a spokesperson for Ibbu argues that Larson’s firing had nothing to do with the publication.

Other comments

Larson isn’t the only one who likely lost her job because of her outspokenness. Two other employees of the online chat told The Verge that they were removed from the Samsung Mobile team after talking with the publication, as was another person who posted a link to an article on his LinkedIn page. However, unlike Larson, they have not been suspended from Ibbu itself, and they can get hired to chat with another company if they want to.

A Samsung spokesperson says the company has nothing to do with the layoffs. “Ibbu experts don’t work for Samsung. We have nothing to do with their employment or Ibbu’s HR decisions, including with regard to layoffs," the company said in a statement.

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Ibbu platform fired Samsung chat employee after she spoke about unpaid workload News: Questions


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