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Huawei introduced HarmonyOS 3.0

Chinese Huawei introduced a new version of its own operating system HarmonyOS 3.0. It has improved performance, privacy and security. The system will be available for many products from September.

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The six major changes relate to terminal usage, system ecology, universal card, uptime, privacy and security, and information accessibility.

HarmonyOS 3 HyperTerminal supports 12 types of smart devices, including printers, smart glasses and cars. Devices such as smart screens and Windows 11 PCs can now become hub devices. Smartwatches can now sync with different sports equipment.

HarmonyOS 3 also supports the combination and collaboration of more smart devices, and the Harmony Zhilian platform provides multi-directional coverage. The Huawei smart screen has become the center of the smart home system, and the remote control can be used to switch between speakers and headphones. Cross-terminal payment will become available through TVs. The system comes with its own intelligent assistant.

With the new PC OS, monitors and headsets can be combined to work together. When working on a PC, the screen can be divided into two parts: one will display the contents of the computer, and the other - the phone screen.

The system comes with the Super Frame game engine, which reduces graphics rendering power consumption by 11% and improves the responsiveness of super memory management applications by 14%.

HarmonyOS smart cockpit now supports super-desktop and mobile apps can be used on the car screen.

On smartphones and tablets themselves, you can combine widgets, change the size and shape of folders. The OS also supports smart sorting of applications by icon color or categories and functions. Finally, users will be able to create 3D avatars for communication.

The first beta version of HarmonyOS 3.0 is available for all flagship P50 and Mate 40 series smartphones, Smart Screen V65 Pro and Smart Screen V75 Pro smart TVs, and the 2021 MatePad Pro 12.6 tablet. Beta testing is only taking place in China.

In June 2021, Huawei introduced devices running HarmonyOS 2.0. These are tablets 10.8 and 12.6-inch MatePad Pro, MatePad 11; smartphones Mate40 Pro, Mate X2, Mate40E and nova 8 Pro; smart watches Watch 3 and Watch 3 Pro.

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