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How to xdebug var_dump to display complete object / array?

Xdebug - is a PHP extension that provides debugging and authentication capabilities. It uses the debug protocol. Correct data that Xdebug will report as stack error messages and performance trace with full parameter displayed for UDF, operation name, file name, string notation, and member function support. It includes memory allocation and protection for infinite recursions. 
Xdebug additionally provides credentials for PHP scripts, code coverage analysis, and good opportunities to interactively fix scripts using a computer interface program. Xdebug is additionally offered through the PHP Extension Community Library (PECL), which is often pronounced “pickle.”The var_dump() function is used to display data for a couple of variables. It works with the display of structured data such as the kind and value of a given variable. Arrays and object area are measured recursively with indented values ​​indicating the structure. 
var_dump - dumps information about a variable.Syntax:
void var_dump ($exp)
Parameters:This function takes one parameter, $exp,which contains one variable or expression containing many variables separated by scopes of any kind.Type return:this function has no return type. This function displays structured data about one or additional expressions that cover its type and price. Arrays and objects are explored recursively with indented values ​​pointing to the structure.Example 1: $a = array (1, 2, array ( "a" , "b" , "c" )); var_dump ( $a ); ?> Exit:
array (3 ) {[0] = > int (1) [1] = > int (2) [2] = > array (3) {[0] = > string (1) "a" [1] = > string (1) "b" [2] = > string (1) "c"}}
Example 2: $b = 3.1; $c = true; var_dump ( $b , $c ); ?> Exit:
float (3.1 ) bool (true)


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