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How to remove all leading zeros in a string in PHP?

Examples :
Input: str = 00006665555 Output: 6665555 Input: str = 00775505 Output: 775505
Method 1: Using the function ltrim() :The ltrim() function is used to remove spaces or other characters (if specified) from the left side of a string .Syntax:
ltrim ("string", "character which to be remove from the left side of string");
Program :  
// Store the numeric string with
// leading zeros to the variable $str = "00775505" ;  
// Pass line first
// argument and symbol
// be removed as second
// parameter $str = ltrim ( $str , "0" );  
// Show result echo $str ;  
775505  Method 2:first convert the given string to a cast number, cast the string to int which will automatically remove all leading zeros, and then re-type it to the string to render it again line.Program :      
// Save the numeric string with
// leading zeros to variable $str = "00775505" ;  
// The first type is cast to int and
// then into the line $str = ( string) ((int) ( $str ));  
// Show result echo $str ;  


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