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How to learn Swift

Are you interested in creating your own iO S or Mac application? If so, you will need to learn a programming language: Swift .

This guide will explore the best way to learn Swift online. In addition, it will give you a number of tips to help you learn to program in Swift.

What is Swift ?

Swift is a programming language that lets you create apps for Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad. Swift was released in 2014 by Apple.

Swift is the foundation for most of the major apps you’ll use on Apple devices. Spotify, Instagram, and YouTube are three of the many names that use Swift to power their iOS apps.

Why should you learn Swift ?

Swift is easy to learn

The Swift programming language was created to be efficient and easy to use.

Swift uses simple and expressive syntax that is easy to understand, even if you have no previous experience with coding. In fact, Swift was designed to be the first programming language to learn, according to Apple. .

Swift developers are in high demand

According to Apple, the company created 2 000 000 jobs in all 50 US states. It is estimated that 1,530,000 are attributable to the App Store ecosystem. This means that the jobs were created thanks to companies hiring developers to build apps for Apple devices.

In terms of the job market for Swift developers, the outlook is bright. According to Glassdoor, there are more than 3,400 open jobs available in iOS development in the US. This work only includes part of the mobile application development work.

This shows that Swift is, in fact, a highly sought after skill and that many employers are actively seeking .

Swift is the future of iOS

Swift may not have been released until 2014, but since its launch it has become one of the most popular programming languages ‚Äã‚Äãin the world.

According to TIOBE Index , Swift is the 12th most sought after programming language. The TIOBE index tracks the popularity of major programming languages ‚Äã‚Äãusing search engine traffic.

What is Swift used for ?

Swift is a programming language used to develop applications for Apple devices such as the iPhone and the Apple Watch . It is a modern replacement for the C-based languages ‚Äã‚Äãpreviously used in Apple development.

Most of the apps you see on Apple’s App Store today were written in Swift. In fact, most apps for Apple devices today are written in Swift, with the exception of the old ones. This is because Swift is the recommended language to use for Apple development.

Is Swift difficult to learn?

Swift is not a difficult programming language to learn as long as you invest the right time. Many programmers find it easy to get started with Swift due to its syntax and beginner’s resources.

In fact, Apple has detailed tutorials on how to code in Swift on their website and Swift documentation site . These tutorials give you all the knowledge you need to get started with Swift. Finding resources is therefore not a problem.

Swift uses clear and expressive syntax. The architects of the language wanted Swift to be easy to read and write. Therefore, Swift is a great place to start if you want to learn programming. You shouldn’t have a hard time reading Swift code once you have mastered the basics.

How long does it take to learn Swift ?

It takes about a month or two to develop a basic understanding of Swift, assuming you spend about an hour through day to study. Se studi part-time o full-time, puoi imparare i fondamenti di Swift in un periodo di tempo pi√π breve.

Puoi iniziare a lavorare alla tua prima applicazione con Swift abbastanza rapidamente grazie a tutti i tutorial dettagliati there outside. To start building apps on your own, you will need a few months of practice.

If you want to become a professional developer of iOS or Apple devices, you have a long way to go. It will take at least six months, maybe even a year, to build the skills to become a professional Swift developer.

As with any programming language, your learning journey will never really end. Swift is always updating and there are so many frameworks out there that you will never run out of material to learn. The time it takes to learn Swift depends on how long it takes you and your willingness to learn the language.

How to learn to program Swift

But how do you really learn programming in Swift? To answer this question, we are going to discuss the two things you need to know. We’ll talk about the basic skills Swift developers need and how you can learn them.

Develop your skills

Before pursuing a career as a Swift developer, you must first master the basics of the language of Swift programming. Although Swift is a relatively modern language, there are already a number of great learning resources available to help beginners learn the language.

To start your journey, you need to focus on learning the basics. But before you even do that, you need to download Xcode , which is Apple’s application for creating software. You should take a look at the Apple Swift documentation . This documentation includes a wide variety of guides that can be helpful as you begin to get started with Swift.

We’ll cover the main topics you should explore when getting started with Swift.

Syntax and variables

The first step in learning a programming language is to know how it works and what rules govern the language. This is where the syntax comes in.

So, once you have learned the basic Swift syntax, you can start exploring variables. Variables are used to store data in a program. Here are the main topics you should explore in this regard. which concerns syntax and variables:

Conditionals and Loops

Conditionals allow programmers to execute a block of code only if and when a certain condition or set of conditions is met. This allows them to control how their program works in different contexts. Loops, on the other hand, allow you to perform repetitive tasks multiple times.

Here are the main topics you should be familiar with when it comes to conditions and loops:

arrays and dictionaries

an array is a type of data that allows you to store a list of values ‚Äã‚Äãin a program. A dictionary is a type of data that allows you to store a list of labels along with a list of values. Data is stored in key-value pairs.

When working in Swift it is essential that you can use these types of data. Here are the main topics you should learn:


Functions are blocks of code that perform a particular task in a program. For example, a function can add two numbers in a program or force a user to sign in to a mobile application. Here are the main topics you should know about functions:

Classes and Structures

Swift is an object-oriented programming language, which means that it uses classes to define the structure of data in a program. The goal of the lessons is to make your code more readable and to reduce repetitions. Additionally, Swift also uses structures to allow developers to create their own data types.

Here are the main topics you should read when it comes to classes and structures:

These topics form the basis of the Swift programming language. There are frameworks like SwiftUI which allow you to create more detailed user interfaces. None of these frameworks are out of reach once you’ve learned the basics of Swift.

Resources to Learn Swift for Free

There is a large community of resources that can help you learn Swift. But which resources are worth your time? Excellent question.

The answer to this question depends on your learning style. Do you prefer how-to video tutorials or do you enjoy reading guides ? Do you like mentoring-led environments or do you prefer to learn at your own pace ?

Before you start looking for resources, you need to think about the best way to learn. Try to find resources that match your learning approach.

Swift Online Course

Quick tutorials

One of the best ways to learn programming with programming languages ‚Äã‚Äãlike Swift are done via tutorials. You can access Swift courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced, depending on your experience. The following article covers the best Swift tutorials to help you learn quickly and effectively.

The best Swift tutorials for beginners

Tutorials SwiftUI - Apple Developer

Learning Swift through Apple’s development platform is ideal for understanding this programming language as created by Apple. SwiftUI Tutorials is a free course that takes about four to four. five hours of apprentices wise. You will learn the basics of Swift development even if you are new to iOS and Swift.

It contains illustrated videos and tutorials to help you learn while following the steps. This course begins with a quick introduction followed by lessons on the essentials of Swift UI, drawing, animation, app design, layout and framework integration. Apple’s developer website also includes a forum section that includes a strong developer community.

iOS 12 Swift 4.2 - Full iOS Development with Swift Bootcamp - Udemy

Swift is used to write code for Apple’s technology platforms including iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and iPadOS. The quick bootcamps and courses offer a quick way to fully learn this programming language. This paid course from Udemy is ideal for novice software developers who want to learn iOS development through tutorials.

There is no technical requirement to take this course. It takes around 55 hours and includes videos, articles, tutorials, and other resources. You will learn about building apps, mastering augmented reality apps, and starting an app-based business during this time. This will prepare you to start working as a junior developer.

Complete Beginner’s Quick Tutorial Course - freeCodeCamp

freeCodeCamp is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing interactive online training for aspiring developers. This organization offers a three-hour video tutorial covering variables, constants, data types, functions, properties, classes, IF statements, and parameters. This course is ideal for beginners and available for free on YouTube.

This course will teach you the basics of Swift, including the essential steps of the development process. ’applications, through tutorials. You should consider this course because of its high mark from the hundreds of students who have taken it. It is one of the best learning paths for beginners to learn this powerful programming language.

As a budding app developer, you will learn how Swift works with Swift Data and Playgrounds. You will also adopt a protocol oriented approach. programming mindset while you work on app development on iPhone, Mac or iPad. It takes three to four hours of learning to complete this course.

Free Swift Tutorial - Code Conquest

Code Conquest has created this free course that includes illustrated tutorials to help future developers get started with Swift. The only requirement is a MacBook with the latest version of the operating system to work with the Swift language through this tutorial. However, you will need to further your education to become a professional application developer.

This program will help you on your journey to becoming a Swift developer. You will work alone on several projects using illustrated tutorials. and you will gain practical experience. You will learn how to set up a Swift environment and start your first project as an absolute beginner.

The best advanced Swift tutorials

Setting up AppSync with Amplify - Ray Wenderlich

Tutorials that include videos are a great way to learn Swift, even as a seasoned programmer. This course is designed for experienced programmers interested in learning the integration of BaaS technology with Apple platforms, especially iOS.

The introductory tutorial is free and provides a great opportunity to preview what you’ll be covering in the coming weeks. This course includes many video tutorials that collectively cover concepts such as AWS AppSync, AWS Amplify, and GraphQL.

iOS app development with Swift specialization - Coursera

He is a graduate of the courses offered by the University of Toronto by Coursera. It covers the fundamentals of developing iOS apps using Swift. It takes about five months to complete and includes dozens of tutorials to help you learn design patterns, protocol extensions, and more.

Students who complete the program receive a shareable certificate of completion. During this time, you will learn all about iOS app design and development, how to use XCode and other development tools. You will also be working on projects such as creating your own iOS app or game.

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