What To Learn Java Or Javascript First

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How to Learn Java

Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. If you learn to program in Java, you will have access to a wide range of possibilities.

Java is a device versatile and programming language widely supported load used for everything from the development of software for the mobile application development. In fact, as of 2019, 88% of the smartphone market share has taken place by Android and Android is written in Java.

But how did you learn to program in Java? This is the question we will address in this article. We’re going to go over our tips on how to start your Java journey. We’ll also give you a list of concrete tips on topics you can explore. By the end of this article, you will have a roadmap that will guide you in learning Java.

Why learn Java?

Java is widely used . Your Java skills will take you a long way in your career. Indeed, businesses of all sizes, even companies like Netflix, report using Java. Mentioning Java as a CV skill is a good way to conduct a software engineering interview.

Java is considered to be a relatively easy language to learn for beginners . This is because Java has a simple syntax. If you invest the right amount of time and effort. Whether you’re completely new to programming or already know a thing or two, Java can be a great place to start.

There is no shortage of online resources to help you learn Java . There are many communities online dedicated to Java development, making it incredibly easy to find the help of quality if you are stuck on long trip. In addition to communities, you will find comprehensive guides and tutorials that can help you master the basics and debug errors .

Java is hard to learn?

Learning Java can be complicated depending on how much experience you have along the way, you will encounter many challenges, but none that can not be overcome. If you have some previous programming experience, you will find it easier to learn Java.

Programming is a complex skill, which requires you to think very carefully about the instructions you want to give to a computer. For all their dazzling sophistication, computers really do not get simple again and very quickly.

It doesn’t sound like it’s hard to break a problem down into small steps, but it maybe. As with anything else, you will probably find it easier to learn Java if you have some contextual knowledge of programming.

What is Java?

Java is a generic language. This mean s it has a range of potential use cases. Java is commonly used in corporate settings , such as the financial industry. It is also used for the development of applications for Android devices.

Since the Android operating system was built using Java, you will find millions of mobile applications around the world that use Java.

Java is widely used in web development as a back end server. Indeed, Java has a range of frameworks, such as Spring and Struts, designed to facilitate back - end web development .

Many modern desktop applications have been written in Java. For example, the Minecraft video game was written in Java. There are many famous works available which extend the functions of Java to desktop applications.

How long does it take to learn Java?

With the right amount of practice and dedication, you should be able to learn the basics of Java in about three months. Expect to spend at least a year to fully familiarize yourself with the language.

Of course, this estimate depends on how much time you spend learning Java. If you study for a few hours a week, learning Java in three months is a good estimate.

Those who enroll in a programming course can learn faster depending on the pace of the course. From Obviously, those who study part-time or full time learn faster than those studying in their spare time.

How to Learn Java Online

Now we can dive into the steps you need to follow to learn Java online for free. Here are five steps that we will cover in more detail below:

  1. Think about your motivation. Set an objective.
  2. Learn the basics of Java.
  3. Create your own projects.
  4. Get help and join communities.
  5. Practice, practice, practice

Think about your motivation. Set an objective.

Before starting a new training path , consider taking the time to reflect on your motivation. In this case, remember to ask yourself the following question:?

Why do I want to learn Java

Thinking about this question in advance, you will have one that you can at North Star watching along your trip. In this way, if you get stuck, you will have a reason (or for reasons) to continue.

Also, consider setting a clear goal for what you want to accomplish. Are you interested in pursuing a career in software engineering? Great! In this case, you should focus on Java and software. Looking to build mobile apps? If so, you want to master the basics of Java, so explore Java and develop mobile applications.

L get the basics of Java.

One mistake that many newcomer developers make is headlong into learning a programming language. It is a problem. Ignoring the fundamentals could mean that you may not have the knowledge to explore more advanced topics in the future.

You can learn the basics of Java through a structured online Java course , books or Java tutorials.

The Java programming language encompasses a wide range of concepts, and even experienced Java developers are still learning how to use the language better. With that said, there are a few key topics you need to master at the start of your journey. Let them explore one by one.


The first step in learning any programming language is to master the syntax of the language. The developers use the word "syntax" to describe the way they write the code. The syntax refers, among others, how the code is written, which characters are used and where and how to add comments to a file.

Here are the basics of Java you must first learn how to go further:

Once you have a basic understanding of these, you will be better equipped to understand the elements of Java syntax, y including conditionals, loops, array and others.



A conditional performs certain actions depending on whether a specific condition or a set of conditions is met.


While programming, you may decide to run a block of code multiple times. This is where loops come in. Loops automate repetitive tasks. They reduce the need for code duplication .


An array is a type of data that stores multiple values. These values ‚Äã‚Äãmust be of the same data type. For example, a table might contain a list of student names or a list of employee email addresses.

The main subtopics of the Java tables under consideration are:.

Classes and objects

Java is an object oriented programming language . In Java, classes and objects are used to break complex problems down into simpler pieces .

Classes are models for objects. For example, a class can store details about a car, like the type of tire, etc.

Objects use a class design to create a single object. For example, an object can store details about a specific car, like a Lotus 72 or Porsche 959.

The main topics you need to master in this area are:

Inheritance, Polymorphism, and Encapsulation

Object-oriented programming languages like Java have many features that allow developers to improve code efficiency and reduce code repetition.

in Java Once you learn classes, there are three basic object-oriented concepts that you should know. These are:

in addition, take the time to learn the override method and the super > keyword, both of which are related to Java inheritance.

Data Structures

Data structures refer to systems that allow information to be stored in specific ways. An array, which we discussed earlier in this guide, is an example of a Java data structure. Java also offers a wide variety of other data structures that you can use

Here are some of the most common data structures you should learn:


Even the best programmers make mistakes at some point. The programmers use the debugging to identify errors patch into their code. Being able to effectively debug a program reduces the impact of errors in your code.

To better understand debugging in Java, study the following topics:.

Ultimately, mastering the fundamentals will give you a better understanding of how the Java programming language works. So if someone asks, "What does encapsulation mean ?"¬ª, You will be able to respond effectively. In addition, once you master the basics, you’re ready to move on to the next step in your journey towards the learning Java:. The creation of projects

Learn Java online for free

not need to spend the money on winning how to program in Java. There are many free online resources that you can use to master the Java programming language.

Java online course

Learn Java with Codecademy

This online course the basics of Java and object oriented programming. Learning Java takes 25 hours. During this time, you will be creating seven projects that will help you practice your skills.

Java programming fundamentals and Duke University Software Engineering < / a>

This course covers the basics of programming in Java. You will be working on a number of projects throughout to develop your understanding of basic programming ideas . Then you will work on a key project to put everything you learned in the course into practice. Target

Java tutorial for beginners

This tutorial includes over 16 hours of Java programming language material. You will cover the basics of Java, and how Java collection data types work.

Java Books Online

Head First Java by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates

Head First Java does what it says on the cover: it provides a detailed introduction to Java for novice programmers. You will cover everything from the basics of programming to inputs and outputs.

Java: Programming Basics for Absolute Beginners by Nathan Clark

This book is a step by step guide on how to code Java. With the help of 57 practical examples, you will know very little or nothing about Java to have a good understanding of the fundamentals. This book is about Variables, Java Development Kit, Decision Making and More.

Java: Beginner ’s Guide

Java: Beginner’ s Guide begins with the basics of Java and writing a program. Then you move on to discussing intermediate and advanced concepts. This will help you develop a deep understanding of Java.

The book includes a series of hands on exercises to test your skills. You will also find sample annotated syntax illustrating how some concepts work.

Java Resources Online

mean dlearn.co.uk/java / getting_started_with_java .html "target =" _ blank "rel =" noopener"> Home and learn Java

This free online tutorial is for beginners who want to start programming in Java. This guide will get you all the concepts needed to master the basics of Java.

Java Geek code

This site has a wide range of tutorials and code snippets covering concepts for beginners, intermediates and advanced.

Java 101

Java 101 is a free online course that gives you a taste of programming in Java. This course is ideal if you are a beginner. There are many examples that you can refer to as you build your knowledge.

Oracle Tutorial

Oracle has a free online Java tutorial covering both the basics and more advanced concepts. These tutorials are useful if you are ready to practice your Java skills or if you need a reference guide for one. particular concept.

You should explore a few different options before choosing one to focus your attention on a tutorial that meets your needs. With so many options, you shouldn’t have a problem finding one. tutorial that’s right for you .

The best ways to learn java

Create your own projects.

While learning theory is important, there is There is no substitute for building your own designs. This will strengthen the skills you develop. Building your projects encourages you to think about a p problem in depth. You will learn to use analytical thinking to find a solution to the problem that you encounter

the best way to learn Java is, after learning the theory, to move on to creating practical projects. Even working on small and simple projects can give you new insight into the theory you have learned. This will allow you to improve your knowledge of how the Java programming language works.

Here are some ideas on what you could build:.

But don’t not let our tips limit you using flashCard tool . If you have an idea, try to make it happen! When are you up for it? To start, you need to start small to make sure that you are working towards the goals that you can achieve. So, once you get familiar with Java, you can take on new challenges.

Get help and join communities.

Another common mistake new programmers make is programming by themselves. "I will learn on my own, I will share my skills with others when I am done. Is a common refrain.

Learning on your own makes you feel more comfortable, but it also mean s that you will be hard pressed to find support as soon as you need it.

It’s important that you take control of your learning, but you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. It is very likely that another programmer has encountered the problem you have encountered at some point! Asking people for help is a great way to find a solution to the challenges you are facing.

You may be wondering " Where can I find people who can help me on my journey ?" Well, luckily for you, the internet is full of communities for programmers of all skill levels, from beginners to experts.

As a novice Java developer, you can join communities like Dev.to < / a>, CodeGym Help and Stack Overflow , all of which have dedicated areas for Java development. You can also subscribe to the learn java subreddit on Reddit. These communities are great places to meet other developers who can help you on your Java mastery journey.

Practice, practice, practice.

Practice is key to learning any skill, but it’s especially important when learning a programming language like Java. If you’re not convinced, here are some reasons why practice is so important when learning Java:

As the saying goes: practice makes perfect. If you’re having trouble making a schedule, there’s one rule that can help: schedule daily. Try to practice as much as possible so that you have frequent opportunities to work your programming muscles.


Java is a great programming language to learn, whether you are new to programming or are already an experienced programmer.

At the start of your journey, you should focus on mastering the fundamentals: syntax, conditionals, loops, debugging, etc. Once you are familiar with the basics of Java, you can start working on some projects.

The benefits of learning Java are clear. You will learn a new skill that can help you start a career in technology. You can also use Java to troubleshoot problems you have with the code. With the tips we’ve covered in this guide, you’re ready to begin your Java programming learning journey.

Python.Engineering has created a directory of Java resources that can

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