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How do I get the MAC and IP address of a connected client in PHP?

What is an IP address?
An Internet Protocol (IP) address, also known as a logical address, is provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that uniquely identifies the system over the network. The IP address is constantly changing from time to time.How to get the IP address of the connected client in PHP:$_SERVER - it is a PHP superglobal that contains information about the title, path and location of the script. Superglobals - these are predefined variables that are always available. These superglobals store information in the form of an associative array, and here we are going to extract the key ’ REMOTE_ADDR ’ associative array $_SERVER to get the client’s IP address. REMOTE_ADDR returns the client’s IP addressExample 1:This example shows how to get the client’s IP address using $_SERVER [’ REMOTE_ADDR ’].  
// PHP program to get client IP address $IP = $_ SERVER [ ’REMOTE_ADDR’ ];  
// $IP stores the client’s IP address echo "Client’s IP address is: $IP" ;  
// Print the client’s IP address ?>
Client’s IP address is:::1 
Note.For the online IDE, a runtime error or no output may be displayed because private domains do not share your IP addresses. For localhost, the IP address is, which is the loopback address, and therefore the client’s IP address:::1.How to get the MAC address of the connected client in PHP: "Exec()" - it is a function that is used to run an external program in PHP. Returns the last line from the command result. To get the MAC address, pass the ’ getmac ’ parameter, which returns the client’s MAC address. ’ getmac ’ - this is the CMD command to get the MAC address.Example 2:This example gets the MAC address using the exec() function.  
// PHP -code to get the client’s MAC address $MAC = exec ( ’getmac’ );  
// Save the value ’ getmac ’ in $MAC $MAC = strtok ( $MAC , ’ ’ );  
// Update $MAC value using strtok function,
// strtok is used to split the string into tokens
// strtok delimited character is defined as a space
// because getmac returns the transport name after
// MAC address echo "MAC address of client is: $MAC" ; ?>
MAC address of client is: 00-20-10-2A-03-0A 
Note.This code will not work in the online IDE as getmac - this is the CMD command. Try running it on localhost.


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