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How to create a singleton design template in PHP 5?

The main reason for using the Singleton Design Pattern is that we can use the Singleton Design Pattern object globally, and unlike other regular classes, it can only contain one type of object or one type of instance. Sometimes, when there is an object that is created only once, such as a database connection, using a Singleton is much preferred. But note that the constructor method must be private to create the Singleton class.The following program illustrates the Singleton design pattern:Example : class DataBaseConnecter { private static $obj ; private final function __ construct() { echo __ CLASS__ . "initialize only once" ; } public static function getConnect() { if (! isset (self :: $obj )) { self :: $obj = new DataBaseConnecter(); } return self: : $obj ; } } $obj1 = DataBaseConnecter::getConnect(); $obj2 = DataBaseConnecter::getConnect(); var_dump ( $obj1 == $obj2 ); ?> Exit:
DataBaseConnecter initialize only once bool (true) 


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