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How do I create a basic project using MVT in Django?


Assuming you’ve gone through the previous article. This article is about creating a basic project to render a template using the MVT architecture. We will use MVT (Models, Views, Templates) to render data on a local server.

Create a base project:

  • To initiate a Django project on your PC, open a terminal and enter the following command
     django-admin startproject projectName 
  • A new folder named projectName will be created. To log into the project using the terminal, enter the command
     cd projectName 
  • Create a new file in the project folder where, urls are stored. py and other files, and save the following code in it:

    # HttpResponse is used for
    # transfer information
    # return to view

    from django.http import HttpResponse

    # Define a function that
    # will receive the request and
    # execute task depending on
    # after function definition

    def hello_geek (request):


    # This will return Hello Geeks

    # string as HttpResponse

    return HttpResponse ( "Hello Geeks" )

  • Open inside the project folder (project_name) and add
    • Import hello_geek functions from the file.
       from projectName.views import hello_geeks 

    • Add entry to URL field inside url pattern-
       path (’geek /’, hello_geek), < / pre> 

  • Now to run server, follow these steps:
    • Open a command prompt and change the directory to env_site with this command:
       $ cd env_site 
    • Go to the Script directory inside env_site and activate virtual environment
       $ cd Script 
       $ activate 
    • Return to the env_site directory and change to the
       $ cd .. 
       $ cd geeks_site 
    • Start the server. Start the server by typing the following command in cmd-
       $ python runserver 
    • Note. Use of the previous article about django, if there is any problem starting the server.

  • Checking — open your browser and enter this URL - 

  • Bingo ... !! You are done with creating and rendering the base project.


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