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How to configure XAMPP to send mail from localhost using PHP?

To configure the XAMPP server to send mail from localhost, we need to modify two files sendmail.ini and php.ini. Open the xampp folder. Named "sendmail.ini" is present in sendmailand "php.ini" is present in phpfile in xamppfolder. Step 1:
  • Go to C: / xampp / sendmail:open the sendmail.ini file in notepad or any text editor and make the following changes.
     change smtp_server = to smtp_server = change smtp_port to smtp_port = 587 change smtp_ssl = auto to smtp_ssl = tls 
    uncomment; error_logfile = error.log to error_logfile = error.log uncomment; debug_logfile = debug.log to debug_logfile = debug.log write your gmail id in auth_username: auth_username = **** * write your gmail assword in auth_password: auth_password = ***** 
    write your gmail id in force_sender: ***** change hostname to hostname = localhost 
Step 2
  • Go to C: / xampp / php:open php.ini file in notepad or any text editor , go to [mail function] and make the following changes:
    comment SMTP = localhost by putting semicolon infront = >; SMTP = localhost comment smtp_port = 25 by putting semicolon infront = >; smtp_port = 25 comment sendmail_from = by putting semicolon infront = >; sendmail_from = specify path of file in sendmail_path to sendmail_path = C: x amppsendmailsendmail.exe check if extension = php_openssl.dll is enabled = > If there is semicolon in front then un-comment it by removing that semicolon 

    After following the above steps, if the email was not sent using the mail function, go to C: / xampp / sendmail andopen error.log to see that an error has occurred.
Note.The procedure is shown here for gmail, but it can be extended to other emails by changing the smtp server and port number. When using gmail, take care to enable the setting to allow access to the less secure web application.
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