How to choose a server for computing


I always wanted to get acquainted with cloud services and rent VPS, but they were either not used in my work, or not in my department. I didn't really want to pay my money for such an acquaintance, and it all seemed rather complicated. A bunch of different tariffs, something for free, something for a fee. But in fact, everyone can figure it out, and most importantly, easily. It's so easy that you just have to get your very own free cloud server right now. It remains only to choose which one.

A free cloud server can be used for different purposes:

  • testing (you can install any software before implementing it on a working project)
  • home project (you can raise a webserver, a database and everything you need)
  • monitoring (external monitoring of a site or home computer, for example grafana + Influxdb + telegraf stack)
  • proxy / vpn (to bypass locks and change the country on the desired sites)

Consider the most popular representatives of cloud services that provide the so-called "Free Tier".

Microsoft Azure

  • $ 200 for 1 month (up to 14 virtual machines)
  • additional free services after the end of the free period
Suitable for one-time load testing of a large project before launching into production.

Delta Host

Delta server is located in secure data centers and provides maximum protection of your data. It provides quick work for your web-site with total control and management. Dedicated IP- address for the web-site, creation of a trading platform in the Internet. Promotion of your goods, new leads generation, reliable storage for your business data. Servers are in secure data centers provide ultimate safety.Access to the desktop from any place in any time. Uninterruptable work of the server and programs.

Amazon Webservices

  • EBS: 30GB SSD or HDD to choose from (your VM can use this space)
  • EC2: t2.micro instance 750 hours per month for a year
  • CloudFront: 50GB CDN
  • 15 GB of traffic per month
  • other free services for a year and after the end of the free period

Those you can create a virtual machine with 1 vCPU, 1Gb of RAM and up to 30 GB of disk for a year for free. The same configuration (only 2TB traffic) per month in Digitalocean costs 10 dollars, in Hetzner - 4.6 euros, similar configurations in OVH and Scaleway - 3 euros, in Simplecloud and Ihor - 250 rubles. Those. for a year you save from 36 euros or 3000 rubles.

Suitable for a test server, organizing external monitoring, your home project or rare use as a proxy / vpn.

Google cloud platform

f1-micro instance free forever (0.2 vCPU, 0.6 GB RAM, 30 GB HDD, 1 GB traffic per month) $ 300 for a year (more recently it was only for 3 months), enough for g1-small (0.5 vCPU, 1.7 GB RAM, 30 GB SSD, 15 GB traffic per month)

A free virtual server is suitable for external monitoring, a home page or your home demo project (just don’t try to give links to it on Habré).


$ 100 for 2 months

This amount is enough to test which tariff is best for your project, as well as to get acquainted with the DO management console.


Server for 15 minutes, but registration is not required.

This time is hardly enough to test the speed of the network, disks and processor performance.

For all platforms, you need to link a phone number and a bank card number. If the first is not critical for me, then I prefer to indicate an electronic virtual yadex-money or qiwi card as the card number (so that I don't accidentally get into huge amounts due to inexperience). These cards are issued and reissued free of charge. For Amazon, you do not need to put money on the balance, it is only checked that the card is real by trying to withdraw money from the card and receiving information from the bank that the card exists. A friend of mine every year receives a new free cloud server for such cards and test working SIM cards. This is not good and he should be very ashamed.

So let's get our first cloud test server. I recommend Amazon because there is no problem with it. But the last thing you want to do in the evening after work is to struggle with the huge clumsy registration system.


  1. We register, indicate the phone number and card.
  2. We are waiting for Amazon to try to withdraw about $ 1. In qiwi this attempt to withdraw will be visible.
  3. Our account has been activated.
  4. We go to the EC2 management console.
The control panel is actually quite simple. But in case you didn't manage to figure it out right away, I will list the points that I did so that you can make sure that you are going the right way. There are many steps, but they are all in the style of "further, further, further, ..." During the writing of this article, I went through them more than ten times.

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