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How can I change the maximum upload file size in PHP?

The error is usually reported like this: Steps to resize the download file:for a local server
  • Open the C drive as an administrator and open the xampp folder. 
  • Click to the php folder and open the php.ini file in editor mode (for example, Notepad or Wordpad). 
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  • In your php.ini file find the upload_max_filesize keyword and update its value to the desired file size for one largest attachment. By default, it is set to a maximum of 2 MB. 
  • Then search for the keyword post_max_size and update it to the maximum required, which is the size of all content and attachments included in the post. 
  • Save made changes and restart the server (XAMPP).
Note:upload_max_size limits the size of an individual attachment, and post_max_size - restriction for the entire content of the message.


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