How do I install the unidecode python module on Linux?

Python Methods and Functions

To install unidecode or any other python module, you need to install pip (python package manager). If you have Python 2 installed & gt; = 2.7.9 or Python 3 & gt; = 3.4 from, you already have pip and setuptools but need to update to the latest version:

On Linux or macOS:

 pip install -U pip setuptools 


 python -m pip in stall -U pip setuptools 

If you are using a Python installation on Linux that is managed by a system package manager (e.g. & # 171; yum & # 187 ;, & # 171; apt-get & # 187; etc.) and you want to use the system package manager to install or upgrade pip, then see:


Download the file from https: //bootstrap.pypa. io / Run python This will install or update the item.

You can now use pip to install Python packages. For example, to install the latest & # 8216; unidecode & # 8217 ;:

 $ pip install `unidecode` 

To install a specific version:

 $ pip install `unidecode == 0.04` 

To install more than or equal to one version or less other:

 $ pip install `unidecode & gt; = 0, & lt; 1` 

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