How a CV affects your employment success?


How a CV affects your employment success

A resume is a self-presentation in writing, so any part of it is important. A modern resume should include a photograph. However, any photo will not do for this purpose, and it is necessary to choose it for your resume as carefully as possible. Selecting candidates for serious positions, the recruiter will definitely pay attention to the photo in the resume and its details.

Why do I need a photo on my resume?

A photo on a resume is a way to get attention. Recruiter looks at the neatness of the resume, its style, formatting. Among visual objects, the human brain chooses faces first. A resume with a photo immediately attracts attention - the recruiter sees that the person is not afraid to open his face, he is ready to show himself to the employer already at the pre-screening stage. If you like the resume, it will be easier for the hiring manager to remember it if it has a picture.

Photographs are required for selection in serious companies. There are positions where an employee's aesthetic appeal is also necessary. A photo allows us to judge how a person presents himself, how he carries himself, and whether he feels at ease. A photograph indicates a certain degree of openness in an individual, a readiness for dialogue. People who are closed, withdrawn, shy prefer not to use a photo for a resume.

Unfortunately, many candidates do not pay attention to choosing the right photo for the resume. The consequence is the rejection of further interviews. For many professions, a quality, appropriate photo is a necessity.

What positions require a photo?

Having a photo for managerial positions is a good tone rule. If the work involves contact with a large number of people, speaking at events, a competent choice of photo will add a plus to the characteristics of the applicant for a vacant position. An important skill is the ability to present yourself, even if it is such a simple document as a resume for a job interview.

Resumes for media workers, actors, event presenters definitely require a photograph. For these professions, appearance is of utmost importance. The picture should be appropriate for the position.

This does not mean that resumes without a photo will not be considered. But definitely, if you can look at the person in advance, he has a slightly better chance. Linear specialists, salespeople, representatives of the service sector can do without a photo, since for these areas appearance is not so important. However, a document with a photo and in this case is more convincing.

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