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Google Translate began saving translation history in the user account

Google is rolling out a translation history feature for the Google Translate service. It will be stored in the user account.

Some have already reported that when they launch the app, a message appears asking them to back up their translation history. In this case, the user can refuse the option and continue using the service as usual.

Accordingly, a new "History" section has appeared in the settings of the Google Translate application, where you can view translations in chronological order. Individual translations can be moved to the favorites list for quick access. The function supports synchronization with the cloud space for storing a backup copy with the history of transfers.

“You can save your history in Google Translate to find the meaning of the words and phrases you have translated. The translations you save are synced between your devices. The Translator app syncs history from your device to the cloud. You can manage your saved history in the My Activity section,” according to the Google support page.

Earlier in April 2022

In April, Google expanded the capabilities of the Lens app in the Chrome browser. The application can now recognize text in images. It can then be copied in its original form or translated using an online translator.

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