getpass () and getuser () in Python (no echo password)

Python Methods and Functions

This module provides two functions:

  1. GetPass ()
     getpass.  getpass  (prompt = 'Password:', stream = None) 

    The getpass () function is used to prompt users with a string prompt and reads user input as a password. The input is read from "Password:" and returned to the caller as a string.

    Let's take a look at some examples to understand its implementation.

    Example 1: No request from the caller subscriber

    # Simple Python program to demonstrate
    # getpass.getpass () to read the password

    import getpass


    try :

    p = getpass .getpass ()

    except Exception as error:

    pr int ( 'ERROR' , error)

    else :

      print ( 'Password entered:' , p)

    There is no request from the caller here. Thus, it is set to the default prompt "Password". 

     $ python3 Password: ('Password entered:', 'aditi') 

    Example 2 : security question
    There are certain programs that ask security questions rather than ask for passwords for added security. Here the hint can be changed to any value.

    # Simple Python program to demonstrate
    # getpass.getpass () to read the security question

    import getpass


    p = getpass.getpass (prompt = 'Your favorite flower?' )


    if p.lower () = = 'rose' :

      print ( 'Welcome .. !!!' )

    else :

      print ( 'The answer entered by you is incorrect .. !!!' )


     $ python3 Your favorite flower? Welcome .. !!! $ python3 Your favorite flower? The answer entered by you is incorrect .. !!! 
  2. GetUser ()
    GetPass.  getuser ()

    The getuser () function displays the user's login. This function checks the environment variables LOGNAME, USER, LNAME and USERNAME in order and returns the value of the first non-blank line.

    Example 3:

    # Python program to demonstrate how it works
    # getpass.getuser ()

    import getpass


    user = getpass.getuser ()


    while True :

      pwd = getpass.getpass ( "User Name:% s" % user)


    if pwd = = 'abcd' :

    print "Welcome !!!"


    else :

    print "The password you entered is incorrect."


     $ python3 User Name: bot Welcome !!! $ python3 User Name: bot The password you entered is incorrect. 

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