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Game Week: World of Warcraft Mobile Drops, Killer Dating Sim, and Activision Loses Players

Hi all! The gaming industry is still resting and there are few events, but we still found for you a couple of fresh gaming industry news from the past week, as well as new trailers and games that are coming out next week.

Horror universe

Dead by Daylight was released in 2016 to great success, allowing Behavior Interactive to unveil a number of new titles this week. First of all, of course, they announced new characters for Dead by Daylight. Recall that this is a 4 × 1 multiplayer project: four survivors must complete a series of tasks on the location in order to escape, and one killer must prevent them. Both victims and killers can choose from many different heroes with their own unique abilities, including those from other franchises. So, Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers for the survivors and Albert Wesker for the killer from the Resident Evil series will appear in Dead by Daylight. Also, two new cards will be added to the game, made from two parts of the Raccoon City Police Department.

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Perhaps at some point it was just a joke, but the developers decided to bring it to release: Hooked on You is a dating sim based on Dead by Daylight. Through the standard gameplay of mini-games and choice of lines, you will learn a little more about the four killers from the game and the island they live on. Hooked on You is now available on Steam.

Meet Your Maker is a new studio project, but without reference to the Dead by Daylight franchise. One half of the game is to build bases with traps. At your disposal will be a rich toolkit for creating intricate and dangerous labyrinths filled with all sorts of deadly traps. The second half of the game - you yourself are trying to pass other people's levels. Meet Your Maker is set to release before the end of 2023 on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

In the case of Project S, Behavior is the publisher. This is an adventure in a colorful open world, sharpened by the study and passage of puzzles. The game world consists of several zones and islands, and as you progress you will be able to learn its history. Project S is due out in 2023 for PC.

We count money

Several publishers this week spoke about their performance for the past quarter. Let's start with Nintendo, and in short, it is still on horseback. Switch consoles have sold more than 111 million units to date, although the company sold fewer consoles in the first quarter of this year than last year. But the reason for this is not the falling demand, but the shortage of semiconductors. At the same time, the company's net income grew by 28% and amounted to almost $900 million. The OLED version of the Switch console has received 7.3 million purchases since launch.

Activision Blizzard, on the other hand, is not doing very well: operating profit fell by 65%, net revenue fell by $ 700 million, and the number of monthly active users continues to slowly fall - all this compared to last year's quarterly figures. Individually, the situation is no better: Activision saw a 38% drop in revenue and 26% in players. For Blizzard, Diablo Immortal helped boost active player count by 23% and reduce revenue drop to 7%. But who has no problems is King - their Candy Crush franchise continues to grow steadily.

Nothing much has changed for Electronic Arts: they still make most of their money through internal purchases, not game sales - a profit growth of 51% where microtransactions accounted for $1.42 billion of $1.77 in the past fiscal year. As before, FIFA Ultimate Team, FIFA Mobile and FIFA Online bring in the most money. On a really nice note, F1 sales from the recently acquired Codemasters have exceeded the company's expectations.

Short events

Some news in one line. They are interesting but short:

  • Rumor: Electronic Arts is working on two superhero games - about Black Panther and Iron Man.
  • Insider Jeff Grubb: Eidos wants to return the former greatness of Deus Ex and furnish Cyberpunk 2077.
  • A player who donated more than $100,000 in Diablo Immortal could not find opponents in PvP due to a too high combat rating.
  • Blizzard has abandoned the third phase of the Overwatch 2 public beta and will focus on polishing the game.
  • According to Bloomberg, Blizzard and NetEase could not agree and canceled the mobile spin-off World of Warcraft.
  • Xbox has started testing the Game Pass family subscription in Ireland and Colombia. Access from one account can be shared with four more "family members" who must be in the same country.

What to play?

August 9th

Two Point Campus (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch) is the successor to the legendary manager of Two Point Hospital. As in the case of the hospital, you have to rebuild the university, hire teachers, monitor students and choose which departments you want to see in your educational institution.

11th August

Cult of the Lamb (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch) is a bright and stylish action roguelike about the cult of the lamb. The main character was saved from death by a mysterious character, and in order to repay him, you must organize a cult and find followers. You have to search for resources, rebuild the village, find new cultists and go to a randomly generated forest filled with enemies.

12th of August

Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered (PC) - Another great PlayStation exclusive adventure is coming to PC. Moreover, the Remastered bundle includes two games at once: the original 2018 and Miles Morales 2020, plus The City That Never Sleeps add-on. And of course, all the standard features of a PC port: high resolution and fps, support for ultra-wide monitors and ray tracing with NVIDIA DLSS.


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