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Flutter 3 update: support for macOS, Linux, and built-in casual game creation tool

The Flutter development team has introduced an update to the Flutter 3 platform. The framework has full support for macOS and Linux. The developers also added a tool that allows you to quickly create casual games.

The Flutter 3 update includes:

  • stable support for macOS and Linux;
  • developers can create custom menu bar items on macOS using the PlatformMenuBar widget;
  • desktop versions now fully support color inversion and dictation;
  • the system creates universal binaries for macOS that can work with both Intel-based devices and Apple Silicon-based devices;
  • Ended support for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1;
  • Flutter now supports app development for foldable smartphones
  • ProMotion displays on iPhone 13 Pro and iPad Pro support variable refresh rates;
  • You can upload ready-made iOS applications to TestFlight or AppStore using the Transporter, you do not need to go to Xcode for this;
  • when building Android applications, Gradle 7.4 and Android Gradle 7.1.2 are now used;
  • discontinued support for iOS 9 and iOS 10;
  • Flutter web now automatically detects and uses the ImageDecoder API in browsers that support the technology.

thanks to the contribution of third-party developers, it was possible to improve performance in some scenarios;

Flutter 3 now supports Material Design 3

The Flutter team also introduced the Casual Games Toolkit, a tool for creating games on Flutter. The developers showed a special starter template, which includes the main menu, settings page, work with sound and graphics. Users can customize the starting project, add their own mechanics and pages. Along with this, the Flutter team has prepared a training video that introduces users to new features.

The Casual Games Toolkit claims support for Apple Game Center and Google Play game services, so developers can integrate leaderboards and other widgets into their project.

Michael Zippo
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