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 Input: code = "" "a = 6 + 5 print (a)" "" Output: 11 Explanation: Mind it that "code" is a variable and not python code. It contains another code, which we need to execute. Input: code = "" "def factorial (num): for i in range (1, num + 1): fact = fact * i return fact print (factorial (5))" "" Output: 120 Explanation: On executing the program cantoning the variable in Python we must get the result after executing the content of the variable. 

Here we use the

# Python program illustrating the use of exec for
# execute this code as a string.

# a function that illustrates how exec () works.

def exec_code ():

LOC = "" "

def factorial (num):

  Fact = 1

  for i in the range (1, num + 1):

fact = fact * me

return fact

print (factorial (5))
"" "

exec (LOC)

Driver code
exec_code ()



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