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Deep Learning with Python


Deep Learning with Python François Chollet

If you’ve picked up this book, you’re probably aware of the extraordinary progress that deep learning has represented for the field of artificial intelligence in the recent past. In a mere five years, we’ve gone from near unusable image recognition and speech transcription, to superhuman performance on these tasks.

I’d like to thank the Keras community for making this book possible. Keras has grown to have hundreds of open source contributors and more than 200,000 users. Your con- tributions and feedback have turned Keras into what it is today. I’d also like to thank Google for backing the Keras project. It has been fantastic to see Keras adopted as TensorFlow’s high-level API. A smooth integration between Keras and TensorFlow greatly benefits both TensorFlow users and Keras users and makes deep learning accessible to most. I want to thank the people at Manning who made this book possible: publisher Marjan Bace and everyone on the editorial and production teams, including Christina Taylor, Janet Vail, Tiffany Taylor, Katie Tennant, Dottie Marsico, and many others who worked behind the scenes. Many thanks go to the technical peer reviewers led by Aleksandar Dragosavljevic ́ — Diego Acuña Rozas, Geoff Barto, David Blumenthal-Barby, Abel Brown, Clark Dor- man, Clark Gaylord, Thomas Heiman, Wilson Mar, Sumit Pal, Vladimir Pasman, Gus- tavo Patino, Peter Rabinovitch, Alvin Raj, Claudio Rodriguez, Srdjan Santic, Richard Tobias, Martin Verzilli, William E. Wheeler, and Daniel Williams—and the forum con- tributors. Their contributions included catching technical mistakes, errors in termi- nology, and typos, and making topic suggestions. Each pass through the review process and each piece of feedback implemented through the forum topics shaped and molded the manuscript. On the technical side, special thanks go to Jerry Gaines, who served as the book’s technical editor; and Alex Ott and Richard Tobias, who served as the book’s technical proofreaders. They’re the best technical editors I could have hoped for.

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