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When designing a website you will often have a button that you want it to appear a certain way. For example, you might want a button to have a background color than other elements on the page to draw the user’s attention to the button.

Using CSS, developers can create buttons with styles. CSS allows you to change among other things.

color, text size, border, width and height of a button, This tutorial will discuss, with examples, how to use a series of CSS properties to style an HTML button. By the time you finish reading this tutorial, you will be an expert at styling buttons using CSS.

Overview of Buttons

You can define a button in a number of HTML ways. The two most common approaches are Find your Bootcamp match

If we want to style our button, in other words, to customize the look of the page, we have to use css. In this article, we will discuss how to do the following on a button: ..

  • Change background color
  • Change text color
  • Change the size of the text.
  • Add padding.
  • round the corners.
  • Add a colored border .
  • Use it: .... hover feature
  • Add shadow
  • Change width
  • turn off
  • Animate it.

We will also discuss how to create groups of horizontal and vertical buttons.

Back - plane color

During the design of a button, the first thing you might want to do is set a background color - plan for button. By default, a button has a white background and black text. By using the CSS background color, we can change the background color of a button.

Suppose you are designing a button for a website and you want the button to have a pink background. We can change the color of our button using the following CSS code:

Our code returns:

Screen Shot 2020 04 03 to 13.10.32

Using the background color property , we changed the background color of our button to pink. We can change the background color of our button to a color using this property.

Text Color

To change the text color of a button you can use the color property. a button and want the button to have a pink background and the text in green. We could create this button using the following code:

Our code Returns:

 ad Dtfk7RIpGyKmzp9eDBrGsFWlOFbIn WMLsfL2IlEEs4TFEHnscuJ3bhsZdx5GEz3zR2bv5Ec3W2eH49suj BISbjhj Ib0gv 4ETJxxUJRp Mxzhop8cvg2 we use in the green figure <x> 8gy> 8gy>> we use the MxzPG8cvG2: property to set the color of the text in our green button.</p> <h2> Text Size</h2><p>You can use the CSS font-size property to set the size of text in a button. Let’s say we want the text to have a font size of 20px. We can achieve this by using the following code: </p>  <p>Our code returns:</p> <figure class = Screen Shot 2020 03 25 A 08.33.23

Our button is the same size as before, but now the size of the characters inside is 20px. We used the font size attribute to set the size of the text in our button.


When designing a button, you may decide that you want a certain amount of space between the text inside a button and the exterior walls of the button. This is where the cushioning property comes into play .

The padding property uses length indicators (px, em, and so on ) or percentage values ‚Äã‚Äãto define a certain amount of space between text buttons and its borders.

Suppose we want to create two buttons on our page. One button should have 40px padding and the other should have 20px padding. We can create these buttons using the following code:

Our code returns:

 Screen Shot 2020 03 25 to 08.39.39

You can use the border-radius property to create rectangular buttons with rounded corners. Here are three code examples that use the border-radius property. To illustrate the effect of different radius sizes, each example uses a different size border radius.

Our code returns:

 Screen Shot 2020 03 25 at 08.49.42


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