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The CSS font-size property sets the font size of any text element on your page or website. The Font Size property can be applied to any class, ID, or element that includes text content. The property accepts values ‚Äã‚Äãin px, em, rem, vw, vh and the use of keywords.

Most developers use a combination of different font sizes for styling a web page. For example, a web developer might use a large font for headings and a smaller font for body text and others. Many wonder: How to change font size in CSS or HTML

CSS font size ? allows developers to set the font size in a paragraph or line of text on a web page.

This tutorial discusses, referring to examples, how to use the font size properties. In following this guide you will be an expert in changing the text size.

CSS Text Size

Proper font style is an important part of web design. Unstyled text causes reading difficulties for visitors, which almost certainly results in an unpleasant experience on the site.

There are a lot of CSS styles for fonts that can be used to customize the appearance text, like font-weight , font-family, decoration text and color . Another important property is the font size , which controls the size of a font in a block of text

The size syntax the font CSS is as follows:

sizeValue is the size of the font you want to use for a block of text. There are several ways to specify the size of the font used by a block . text The methods we will discuss in this article are:

  • pixels
  • em
  • root em
  • display unit
  • keywords

Let’s explore an example of how to use each approach to font size in a web page.

Adjusting the Font Size Using Pixels

One of the most common ways to set the size of a character is to use pixels.

Pixels are a good unit of measurement because they allow you to be precise. The pixel unit is largely affected by operating systems or web browsers. A pixel on one screen is a pixel on another. The specified pixel value appears more or less the same in different browsers

However, by using pixels to set the size of a font in a text block is a limit:. Accessibility. The pixel font sizes set with the help are not accessible because some browsers do not allow users to customize the font size . For example, visually impaired users may find it difficult to use a site that uses pixels to set character size

Suppose we let’s create a website with a font size of 28px for all

and 12px elements for all

We could use the following code to do this.

In our code we used a sets CSS selector the font size of all

28px and all

12px. The following Snippet shows what these elements look like in our new font sizes:


Click Image of the button

Another common way to set a font size in CSS is to use em dimensions. the unit of measurement em refers to the font size of a parent. If you définiss Enter a font size of 2em, the font size will be twice that of the parent element.

An example of scaling CSS fonts with ems

For example, suppose you have a paragraph of text stored in a box. The font size of the box is 20px. If you have specified that the text paragraph font size is 1em, the paragraph font size will be 20px. It is equal to the font size of the parent element.

If you haven’t set a font size for a parent element, the browser will use the default value specified for that browser. It is usually 16px. By Therefore, if you do not have specified the size of font, 1em default 16px 2em default 32px .

Suppose the font size of our web page is 16px. We want all text paragraphs to appear using this font size , which means we should use the 1em value. Additionally , we want all of our heads to appear with a font size of 24px, which is equal to 1.5em.

We could use the following code to do this:

In our code, the size of all paragraphs will be 16px (1em = 16px of default) and all

elements will be 24px (1.5em = 24px).

This is what our text would look like on the web page:

Nell "example above, you can see the new styles for both our


You should notice that if our

appeared inside of a box with a different font size, the size of our

would change. This is because em values ‚Äã‚Äãinherit their font size from the parents.

Define font size using Root em

Court root em, rem is a new unit of measure introduced in CSS3 that can be used to set the font size . The values by using rem are linked to the root element , rather than the parent element.

values ‚Äã‚Äãare useful because they allow you to specify a value relative to the whole document. In this way, the text size will not be affected if the parent element has another value em

Suppose you have a webpage with the default font size of 16px. As in our previous example, we all want

to appear in 24px and all paragraphs to appear in 16px. We could define these font sizes using the following code:

Our code is almost the same as our previous example. The only difference is that the unit of use measure for us is rem instead of em. In this example, our font sizes will always be 24px and 16px for headings and top-level paragraphs, respectively. This is because our default web page font size is 16px.

Set the size of the font by using words - key

There are two types of key words you can use to define the size of a font in CSS.

Absolute keywords are used to define a font size that remains the same regardless of changes to the web page. The keywords you can use to define an absolute font size are:

Values ‚Äã‚Äãin parentheses are based on a browser whose default font size is 16px.

Relative Keywords, on the other hand, defines a font size that will change based on the font size elsewhere on the web page. The relative keywords you can use are: smallest and greatest. These keywords are useful because they allow you to change the size of your fonts when other font sizes on the page change

Suppose we want to set the size of all

on a page to 24px (x-large) and all

; at 18px (large). We could do it using this code:

Click. Image of the button "height =" 24 "class =" wp-image-13930 "style =" width: 24px; "src =" / 1245953 / wp-content / uploads / 2020/03 / iconfinder_play-circle- outline_326584.png? lossy = 1 & band = 1 & webp = 1 "alt =" Image the key " execution code ", a triangle in a circle "srcset =" uploads /2020/03/iconfinder_play-circle-outline_326584-20x20.png?lossy= 1 & strip = 1 & webp = 1 20w, / iconfinder_play-circle outline_326584.p ng? Lossy = 1 & strip = 1 & webp = 1 24w "size =". (max -width: 24px) 100vw, 24px "> button in editor code above to see the output of our HTML / CSS

The character size for our


are 24px and 18px, respectively. However, we don’thave not specified these dimensions using pixels. Instead of this, we used the words - keys to the font size default offered by the browser.

Set the font size using display units

Display units are calculated as a percentage of the browser window size . The two display units supported by CSS are: display height (vh) and display width (vw)

Since the display units are a percentage of the. browser window size , 1VH is equal to 1% of the window height , for example. So if you have a large 1000px window, 1VH equals 10px.

Using window units is useful because your font size will change when you resize your browser window. This, in turn, helps deliver a more accessible user experience, adaptable to browsers and devices of different sizes.

Let’s say you want to create a site whose headers are 4% of the window width . And whose points are 1% of the width of the visible area. We could do it using this code:

Click the Image of the button

If you resize your browser, the size of these headers will change.


the font size property is used in CSS (and therefore HTML) to modify the font size. accepts a number of units of measurement in which it is you can see the size of fonts, including pixels, ems, rems, keywords and display units. It can be applied to CSS and IDs , as well as the elements themselves.

This tutorial showed the basics of CSS font size. You are now ready to start using the font size attribute like an expert.

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