Javascript Change Text Color

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The CSS background-color property applies color to a text element. You can specify a built-in CSS color keyword, hexadecimal value, or any other color value with the Background Color property . The syntax for this property is: color: yourcolor;

Adjusting the color of the color and background of text on a website is an essential part of web design

.. is where the CSS color properties and background color come into play. The color property allows you to set the color of the HTML text. The background-color property allows you to define the background colors of the text.

This tutorial will discuss, with examples, how to set the text color in CSS. Next, we’ll talk about how to set the background color of a text element.

CSS font color

The color of the CSS font is set using the color property. The color property sets the color of the text, not the background of the element. . You can use CSS color keywords or color values ‚Äã‚Äãas hex strings to define a color

The syntax for the color property is:

This rule sets the color of all

tags in an HTML document to red.

We used a CSS color keyword. These keywords are useful if you want to refer to a standard color, such as "red" or "blue". But these keywords do not describe all the colors of the spectrum. If you want to use a specific color, you can use another type of color label

The color property accepts any of the following values:

Value description Examples
name of the color A name of color blue, hot pink
color Hex hexadecimal Color. Identifiers are six characters long. # f7f7f7, # 0000ff
RGB color the RGB stands for red, green and blue. rgb (0, 50, 28), rgb (0, 0, 255)
HSL color HSL means hue, saturation and lightness. HSL (0, 50%, 50%), hsl (180, 50%, 25%)

By default, the text color used by a web page is the color of the text that applies to the tag on a web page. to less than indicated, it is black.

You can use the color property to set link colors in your stylesheet

Let’s take an example to demonstrate how the color property works

Change CSS font color: .. an example

Suppose you are designing a website for a local grocery store, Peterson and Sons. The owners want the site to display a certain block of text in gray type. We can configure it using the following code:

Our code returns: Click Image of the button

Either from the use of a

HTML tag to define a paragraph of text describing the Peterson and Sons grocery store. Next, in our CSS code, we’ll create a style that sets the text color of all

tags to gray. To do this, we use a value for the name of the color ("gray").

could specify "rgb (128, 128, 128)" instead of "gray" if we wanted to refer to an RGB color value. Otherwise, we could have set the text color to gray using a hex or HSL value.

We are not using a CSS file for our styles. Our CSS styles are enclosed in a