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The CSS: hover selector selects an element when you hover over that element with the cursor. For example, you can use: hover to change the color of a link when you hover the cursor over the link

You can transfer styles that apply to an element of your webpage when the. . User hovers on this element

is where the CSS selector is available in: hover. The: Hover Selector allows you to select items as you hover. This allows you to apply styles when hovering the mouse over the

element This tutorial will discuss, with examples, the basics of selectors in CSS and how to use the CSS selector. Hovering flight. By the end of this tutorial, you will be an expert in choosing style elements using:. Hover

CSS Selectors

In CSS, selectors are used to select HTML elements for you want to style on a web page. Selectors allow you to choose items based on their ID, class, group, or attributes, so you can apply certain styles to specific items.

For example, suppose you want to make all

tags in an HTML Document appear with a bright pink background. You can do this using this code:

In this code, we use the

selector which selects all

tags in the web page. Next, in curly brackets, we specify the style we want to apply to the

tag in the

CSS selector: web page. Hover

The CSS selector: hover selects an element hovering over the element with the mouse.: Hover can be used on any CSS element, but it is commonly used on links.: Hover is specified after the name of the item you want to select, for example a: hover for a link

There is a wide variety of scenarios in which you can use the selector: hover. Here are some potential use cases for the selector:.

  • Change text color when mouse hovers over a line of text
  • Changing the size of an image when the user hovers the mouse over the image .
  • Change the color of a button when the mouse hovers over the button.

In all of these use cases, a specific style is applied when the user hovers the mouse over an element with the cursor

selector syntax: in flight stationary is:

Here are the main components of the syntax: hover:

the second rule changes the color of an tag on the web page to orange when the mouse hovers over it the tag. This is done using the selector: hover.

So when mouse over it on the Karma Career homepage text, the color of the binding changes to orange

Hover effect CSS:. display a block of text

the selector: hover can also be used to display a block of text when the mouse hovers over it over a line of text

Suppose we are designing an FAQ page for the Karma career site . . When the user hovers the mouse over a question, a block of text should appear with the answer to their question. We could create a sample question using this code:

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