Converting text to speech in Python

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GTTS API supports multiple languages ​​including English, Hindi, Tamil, French, German and many more. Speech can be delivered at any of two available audio speeds, fast or slow. However, since the last update, it is not possible to change the voice of the generated sound.


To install the gTTS API, open a terminal and write

 pip install gTTS 

This works for any platform. 
We are now ready to write a sample program that converts text to speech.

# Import the required module for text
# to speech conversion

from gtts import gTTS

# This module is imported so we can
# play the converted audio

import os

# Text you want to convert to audio

mytext = 'Welcome to pythonengineering!'

# The language you want to convert in

language = 'en'

# Transfer of text and language to the engine,
# here we marked slow = False. Which says
# the module that needs the converted audio
# has a high speed

myobj = gTTS (text = mytext, lang = language, slow = False )

# Save converted audio to mp3 file with name
# welcome ( "welcome.mp3" )

# Play the converted file

os.system ( " mpg321 welcome.mp3 " )


 The output of the above program should be a voice saying, 'Welcome to pythonengineering!' 

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