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Convenient Python web browser controller

There is a module called webbrowser for displaying web documents to users using python. It provides a high-level interface for processing web documents.

On UNIX systems, this module supports the browsers lynx, Netscape, Mosaic, etc. For Windows and Macintosh, it uses standard browsers.

To use this module, we need to import the following module.

 import webbrowser 

The webbrowser module has different methods and exceptions as follows:

The webbrowser.Error exception

This error will be thrown when an error occurs in the web browser interface.

The (url, new = 0, autoraise = True) method

This method is used to display the URL using default web browser. The default value for new is 0. When it is 0, it opens in the same browser, for new = 1, a new browser window opens, and for new = 2, a new browser tab opens.

webbrowser.open_new method (url)

This method is used to return a controller for the browser type using. If use is None, it will return the default browser controller.

The webbrowser.register method (name, constructor, instance = no, *, preference = false)

This method is used to register the name of the browser type. After registration, we can get the browser controller using the get () method. There is an instance in the parameter, when no instance is defined, the constructor will be called without any parameter.

There are several predefined browser types. Here is a list of some of the selected browser types. These types can be passed as a get () method.

& # 8216; Mozilla & # 8217;


& # 8216; Fire Fox


& # 8216; Netscape & # 8217;

Mozilla (& # 8216; Netscape & # 8217; )




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