Concatenated string with unusual characters in Python

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Examples :

 Input: S1 = "aacdb" S2 = "gafd" Output: "cbgf" Input: S1 = "abcs"; S2 = "cxzca"; Output: "bsxz" 

This problem has an existing solution, please refer to a concatenated string with unusual characters from two lines . We can quickly fix this problem in Python using

# Function for concatenated line with unusual
# two line characters


def uncommonConcat (str1, str2) :


# convert both lines to a set

  set1 = set (str1)

set2 = set (str2)


# take the intersection two sets to get a list

# common characters

common = list (set1 & amp; set2)


# highlight characters on each line

# that don't appear on both lines

result = [ch for ch in str1 if ch not in common] +

  [ch for ch in str2 if ch not in common]


# join each character without a space to get

# final line

print '' .join (result)

# Driver program

if __ name__ = = " __ main__ " :

  str1 = 'aacdb'

str2 = 'gafd'

  uncommonConcat (str1, str2)