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Chrome 102 released

On May 24, 2022, Google released a stable version of the Chrome 102 browser for Windows, Mac and Linux. The previous version of the browser was released at the end of April. Chrome 103 is scheduled to release on June 21st.

The new version of Chrome fixes previously detected bugs, made component updates, made element and interface improvements, and fixed 32 vulnerabilities. Moreover, among the security patches there is one critical patch and 17 patches against high and medium level vulnerabilities.

Key changes

Key changes in Chrome 102:

  • implemented a mechanism for blocking the exploitation of vulnerabilities caused by accessing already freed memory blocks;
  • the interface of the window with information about downloads has been improved (chrome://flags#download-bubble);
  • redesigned display of image search through the context menu;
  • Improved mechanism for structuring search history and pages viewed.
  • support for speculative rules is enabled by default;
  • it is forbidden to display the payment form via the call without explicit user action;
  • Support for an alternative implementation of the SDP (Session Description Protocol) protocol, which is used to establish a session in WebRTC, has been discontinued.

Also in Chrome 102, improvements have been made to web developer tools, including panels and the web console, and improved control of panels from touch screens. Buttons have been added to the Styles panel to simulate the use of dark and light themes. Strengthened protection of the Preview tab in the network inspection mode (enabled the application of Content Security Policy)

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