Regular Expressions

FuzzyWuzzy Python library

Analyzing Twitter Sentiment Using Python

Python | Check if a string matches a list of regular expressions

NLP | Using dateutil to parse dates.

Python | Pandas Series.str.extract ()

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Python Regex: () VS re.findall ()

Verbose in Python Regex

Python | Pandas Series.str.match ()

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Python NLTK | tokenize.regexp ()

Python | Remove leading zeros from IP address

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Python Regular Expression | Check if input is floating point or not

Regular Expressions in Python | Set 2 (search, match and find all)

Single and double quotes | python

NLP | Regex and Affix labeling

Python program for counting words in a sentence

Python Regex | Program for accepting a string ending with an alphanumeric character

Pattern matching in Python with Regex

Find all numbers in a string using regular expression in Python

Python | Remove newline character from string

Python | Split CamelCase string into separate lines

Python | Split string by Kth Occurrence of character

Python | Remove all characters except letters and numbers

Python | Find the longest sequence of letters and numbers

Python | Sequential exchange of elements in a string

What Does Python Cool Do?

Python program to extract email id from url text file

Python | Split multiple characters from string

Python | Splitting text and numbers in a line

Python regex to find sequences of one uppercase letter followed by lowercase letters

Python | Check if string is a valid identifier

Python | Pandas dataframe.filter ()

Python — Filter floating point strings from a list of strings

Python | Pandas Series.str.contains ()

Emotion-based movie recommendations in Python

Python program to validate password

Python | Pandas Series.replace ()

Regex in Python to put spaces between words starting with capital letters

Password checking in Python

Find all patterns "1 (0+) 1" in a given string using Python Regex

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NLP | Chunking and Chinking with RegEx

Preprocessing Text in Python | Set 2

Python | Pandas Series.str.count ()

Python Regex — Program for accepting a line starting with a vowel

Python | Search for strings with a given substring in a list

FilePathField — Django Forms

Python | Parse a site using regular expressions and urllib

Custom Python Functions

FilePathField — Django Models

Extracting MAC address using Python

Python | A program that matches a word containing "g" followed by one or more e characters using a regular expression

Tips and Tricks for Competitive Programmers | Set 2 (language to be used for competitive programming)

Python | Extract words from a given string

Python | Pandas dataframe.replace ()

Python | Remove a tuple from a list of tuples if it contains no characters

Python | Remove spaces from string

Python Regex to extract maximum numeric value from string

Python Lambda (Anonymous Functions) | filter, map, reduce

Python | Check if the given string is numeric or not

Python | Check url in line

Python | Check for spaces in the line

NLP | How tokenization of text, sentences, words works

Python program to check IP address

RegexField — Django Forms

Python | Sequential exchange of elements in a string

Python | Categorizing input data in lists

Python | Pandas Series.filter ()

Python | Testing Exceptional Conditions in Unit Tests

Creating a Proxy Server in Python | Set 2

Name validation using IGNORECASE in Python Regex

Mastering Regular Expressions

Extracting email addresses using regular expressions in Python

Python | Pandas Series.str.extractall ()

fnmatch — pattern matching Unix filename in Python

RegexField — Django Forms

Regular Expression in Python with Examples | Set 1

Python | Get the starting index for all occurrences of a given substring

Python features

Check if email address is correct or not in Python

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Replace values ​​in Pandas dataframe with regular expressions

NLP | Classifier-based tags

Python | Extract numbers from a given string

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