C # Vs Javascript

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C++ is a mid-level programming language that is faster and closer to machine code. C# is an easier to learn high level programming language. The two C++ and C# are oriented generic object programming languages.

When choosing a foreign language to learn, it is usually easiest to start with one that is a common basis for other languages. Learning a language like Latin prepares you for Romance languages ‚Äã‚Äãlike Italian or Spanish. The languages programming function similarly. It is very similar to the Latin of programming languages. But as you can find - be difficult to start a conversation in Latin, you can find - be the one of the children of C is more useful than C it - even.

There is a rich history of C-based languages ‚Äã‚Äãin the tech world. Between C, C++, Objective C, C# and C Not quite , it is enough to confuse any programmer, even those who have some experience. Two programming languages that appear prominently in lists of current work are C++ and C#. The two have a strong history in general use, are very popular with developers and employers, and will clearly remain for some time.

So if you are trying to choose a language to pursue, is there a better one? What is the difference between C# and C++? To answer these questions, you have to start with their origins in C

Programming in C family history



C + + was created by a Danish graduate student named Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979. He wanted to expand the capabilities of the language. The name itself reflects the way C++ goes beyond C: the "++" suffix comes from the C language which means "to increment a value by one". It was designed to be an extension of C, in particular "C with classes". This specifically meant C with object oriented capabilities.


C# was developed by Microsoft in 2002. Although technically on a language called .NET, it owes many of its ancestors to C. it was designed as a competitor to Java and bears some resemblance to that language. In fact, its creation happened because Sun (the owners of Java) did not want Microsoft to make any changes to Java, so Microsoft decided to create its own alternative.

C++ satisfies the needs of object-oriented programming in C# C was built on the success in this situation and Java, another popular object-oriented language. So what does the object oriented programming term mean?

What - what object-oriented programming?

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Comparison between C++ and C#

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Well related, C++ and C# are very different languages .

Although they share a common ancestor, C++ and C# have become very different languages. za, C# is a higher level language than C++ or C So what is sharp for? In short, C# was designed to help build applications faster than a lower level language.

C# is primarily designed for developing applications for the Microsoft platform and requires the .NET framework on Windows, it typically only works on Windows. Although (as is true with most languages) it can be used to create almost anything, it is particularly effective in creating Windows desktop applications and video games. It is also used for web and mobile applications.

C++ is also used for a wide variety of applications on a wide variety of platforms . Because it was designed to be platform independent , C++ is not oriented towards the Microsoft framework. C stands out as the backbone of many large-scale websites , such as Google, Youtube, and Amazon. C++ has the advantage of appearing a number of years earlier than C#.

While C++ compiles directly into machine code, C# compiles in what is called the CLR: Common Language Runtime which is then interpreted in a Just In Time (JIT) in ASP.NET. This gives C# a bit of extra overhead in terms of time and memory. This is normal with a higher level language. In addition, holders of multiple inheritance C, while C# works not.

While C++ is simply object-oriented, C# is considered a component-oriented programming language. This means that C# has a particular propensity for reusing old components with new ones.

C++ does not have automatic garbage collection, which means you have to manually allocate and deallocate memory in your programs. C# automatically manages memory management with a garbage collector.

Having this memory management done by software is great for new programmers, but it can also lead to bad programming habits that could introduce bugs into more complex programs. Some developers prefer the control to have to do things like memory management on their own. You can think of it as manual gearbox vs automatic gearbox. Some people want better control while others want the machine to do the work for them

C# C++ vs ?: Popularity

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