Buy the latest toys from the UK


Whilst the majority of shoppers now go online to buy their presents, nothing beats the magic of visiting a toy shop during the run-up to Christmas. Here some of the toy shop to visit across the UK, that your kids will love.

Buy the latest toys from the UK

Which are the best top shop in the UK?

The Disney Store, London

This Disney store is different and more magical to any of the other Disney stores across the UK. What makes it so special are features such as a 267ft high princess castle, a magical mirror and every Disney toy you could possibly think of, some of which you can’t find at any of the other Disney store in the country.

Toy Kingdom Harrods, London

Harrods, the world’s most famous department stores you will find its Toy Kingdom. The atmosphere and theming is amazing and really gets you in the Christmas mood. If there is a toy you have been looking for there is a very good chance it will be here.

Sylvanian Families Store, London

At the Sylvanian Families Shop in London you will find one of the largest ranges of Sylvanian families toys in the UK, with over 400 items on display including 50 different families. What makes this store such a special place to visit especially if you are a Sylvanian families fan is that there are also discontinued and hard to find items for sale.

The Lego Store, London Leicester Square

The LEGO store in Leicester Square in London is one of the largest. Along with lots of LEGO to buy what we love are the LEGO replica’s of a tube train from the London underground and a 21,000 ft replica of Big Ben.

Where can I find the toy shop that offer shipping from the UK?

All of the items from the toy shops listed above can be shipped around the world from the UK at your convenience. There are also plenty of other online only the toy shop, have a look here.

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