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A modal is a window separate from the main window of a web page. The main purpose is to turn off the main user interaction window and share information or something confirming to the user. Modal windows are common to use as login components, user input confirmation, or many other uses.

Bootstrap is a framework that can help us build components very quickly. In this article, we take a look at how to configure Bootstrap, find out why we might need a modal, and take a look at some examples of modals in action using the Bootstrap framework.

Getting Started

To make sure you can see a modal on our webpage, make sure you have the right dependencies. For this project, we need Bootstrap, Popper.JS and jQuery. Navigate to the Bootstrap quickstart page for help to get all your dependencies.

It is up to you how to connect the packages we need, but the easiest and most beginner friendly is to use the content delivery network - CDN - for jQuery, Popper.js and Bootstrap . Pay attention to the order of your


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